Personal Stats

Real Name:   Bill Buckley  
Hometown:   Greensboro, North Carolina  
Birthday:   01/27/58  
Height:   5'10  
Weight:   200 lbs 

CSWA Title History

    • Known to millions as the voice of the CSWA (if not wrestling) Bill Buckley has become a wrestling legend. Calm in the face of a crisis, and shamelessly panic stricken when it's needed, Buckley's smooth delivery and pithy insight has captivated audiences for seventeen years. He's what a Play-by-Play man should be: A storyteller, with no discernable ego. Buckley's the standard bearer on the microphone, a wordsmith with the Golden touch. Though, it wasn't always that way.

      Bill's first love was the weather. As a young boy he watched helplessly as his father was struck dead by lightning. While the elder Buckley's immediate family and friends mourned, Bill was overcome by awe. Shook to his core by the power and precision of mother nature.

      By the age of twelve Buckley knew he was to devote his life to the weather. His first, and only love, meterology saved Buckley from the emotional detachment of his youth. It took him to college, a degree in meterology, and fifteen years of service at television stations across the southeast.

      By age thirty-five, he was lost. The power that inspired him as a boy, buried underneath the mundane day-to-day activity of local weather. His displeasure with his life, the dream that carried him from a boy into adulthood bled into his work, and by February of 1988 Bill Buckley was fired from WGAN-ABC in Greensboro.

      With a wife, and teenage son, Billy, to support Buckley found himself on unemployment scouring the classifieds for work as a means to keep government checks rolling in.

      In March, he applied for what he thought would be a one-night easy pay gig, at a warehouse off Wendover. A couple local kids were promoting a wrestling show, and needed a professional to emcee and record play-by-play for posterity. Something they'd play back for years at family gatherings on a lark, to mark the moment in time they lost their minds, and courted debt like a trophy wife.

      Buckley was given the job by Merritt and Thomas, and the rest as they say is history.

      Bill found himself a skeptical employee in the early years. The job paid the bills and restored his faith in himself, but with each show he drifted further and further from the boy who'd watch it rain for hours and dream of understanding why.

      By 1991, Bill could no longer deny the he was falling in love with the work. It brought out a side of him nothing ever had and uncovered a hidden talent. Unchained from a green screen, Buckley was allowed to work and let his creative freedom run wild.

      When cast opposite Sammy Benson on CSWA PRIMETIME, Buckley's legacy was cemented. For sixteen years he's been the moral conscience Sammy was born without. The two men, as different as peanut butter and jelly, formed an unlikely winning duo, and today, are widely regarded as the greatest play-by-play team in history.

      Benson's raw emotional outbursts, on and off screen, have charmed Buckley over the course of their relationship. Tearing down his defenses, and helping him open up to other people. Once, perfect strangers, without a lick of substance in common, Bill and Sammy have become the best of friends. Each the missing part of the other.

      Buckley followed the weather as far as it was willing to take him. When his time in the CSWA ends, he's stated he'll retire on the spot (he's made the money to do so twice over.) After you've helped birth the CSWA's legacy, what could possibly compare?

      For as any good weatherman knows, lightning never strikes twice.




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