Personal Stats

Real Name:   Richard Cockburn Jr.  
Nicknames:   "The Lord of the Trailer Park" "The King of the Garbage Match" "The Master of the Mullet" "The Czar of NASCAR" "The ORIGINAL White Trash Warrior"  
Hometown:   Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania  
Height:   5'10"  
Weight:   211 lbs 

CSWA Title History

    • - None To Date






      Wrestling Style:   Hardcore Brawler  
      Finisher Move:   The Deep Fried / Double Wide Driver Of Doom  
      Finisher Description:   Placing his opponent on the top rope facing inward, Bernie Cox mounts the second rope and locks a head scissors on his opponent. Then using the tights, Cox executes a "pulling" piledriver off of the second strand - total impact right on the top  
      Finisher Setup Move:   Anything that positions the opponent on the top rope facing inward  
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:   1. The Tunkhannock Two-Step - (aka The Garvin Stomp~!) Never in this history of professional wrestling has there been a more inane or pointless maneuver .. and thanks to Bernie Cox, it's time to bring it back to the mainstream!

      2. Somersault Bodyblock To The Floor - With the opponent down on the outside, Cox mounts the ring apron and gets a running start. As the opponent gets to their feet, Cox vaults off the apron and flips forward driving his back into the opponents chest and sending them to the concrete once more.

      3. Moonsault - But no kids, this isn't just any ordinary moonsault. This is without a question the ugliest damn moonsault, since Terry Funk decided his decrepit old ass could sail backwards through the air. Very little height, more of a twisting back body press, and rarely catching the opponent flush .. If you ever want to escape the match without injury, it's best to
      steer clear of his flailing body. 
      Other Moves:   1. Punch
      2. Kick
      3. Headbutt
      4. Chop
      5. Lariat
      6. Back Elbow in Corner
      7. Eye Gouge
      8. Body Slam
      9. Vertical Suplex
      10. Spinebuster
      11. Running Knee Drop
      12. Legdrop
      13. Second Rope Splash (Vader Style)
      14. Double Stomp
      15. Spinning Toe Hold
      16. DDT
      17. Kick to the Groin
      18. Sidewalk Slam
      19. Tree of Woe / Running Knee Strike
      20. Sleeper 
      Entrance Music:   "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen  
      Ring Entrances: