Personal Stats

Real Name:   Xandor Cross  
Nicknames:   The Messiah, The Meshiach  
Hometown:   Los Angeles, California  
Birthday:   7/7/1978  
Height:   6' 9"  
Weight:   280 lbs 

CSWA Title History

    • - None

    • Xandor Cross is the only son of Arthur Cross and Guadalupe Rubalcava. Arthur was an American military man turned Christian missionary. Guadalupe was a Mexican school teacher and daughter of a Native American chief. When Xandor was 12 years old, Arthur and Guadalupe were killed while ministering to a native tribe in southwest Mexico by Zapatista guerrillas. In a display of religious mockery, the Zapatistas crucified Arthur and Guadalupe then burned them alive. Xandor watched in horror from the safety of a tribal tree shelter created to house several children in times of war as his parents died.

      Xandor survived in the dense jungle for over 6 months until he was found a rescue party sent by his maternal uncle. When Xandor was found, the rescuers were stunned to find him living off the land and in extraordinary health. Xandor returned to the US and was put in the care of his uncle, Xandor Alvarez (Cross was named after him), and his wife Raquel. The Alvarez couple was not able to have children of their own, so Xandor was a welcomed blessing; yet raising Xandor was difficult. The young boy was extraordinarily gifted physically and intellectually. However Xandor suffered from rage fits and violent nightmares associated with post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing the murder of his parents. It was not uncommon for Xandor to be in trouble in school for injuring other students, particularly those he felt were unjust to him and others.

      Xandor Alvarez was a self-made media mogul and creator of the X Network. The X Network is the first bilingual English and Spanish international media provider in the US and Latin America. Raquel is the founder and executive director of the X Foundation, the philanthropic wing of the X Empire focused on alleviating poverty and connecting poor communities with modern technology. The elder Xandor was a former professional wrestler and local promoter. An innovator inside and outside the ring, Xandor founded Lucha Libre X in Guadalajara, Mexico. The connections made through Lucha Libre X helped Xandor create the X Network which he expanded into the US and turned it into a successful media empire. In the late 1990's, Xandor founded X Wrestling Federation in the US.

      The younger Xandor received an exquisite prep school and religious education under the loving care of his adopted mother Raquel. By the time Xandor was 16 years old, he was proficient in Biblical Hebrew and Greek, Latin, Spanish, and English. He was also a prep school football and basketball star. When Xandor was 15 years old, the elder Xandor brought his nephew to Lucha Libre X to harness his inner violence into a productive conduit. Under the tutelage of Xandor and many of the best international wrestling stars, the young teen was bitten by the pro wrestling bug. It was during this time that Xandor developed an almost supernatural style of wrestling, combining lucha libre and high impact power wrestling, dubbed the "in-ring crucifixion."

      Xandor made his US wrestling debut in World Impact Wrestling at the age of 17 under the name Triple Cross. In less than a year, Triple Cross was crowned the WIW Hardcore Champion. This meteoric rise caught the attention of scouts from Rocky Mountain Wrestling Federation, Ultimate Wrestling Alliance, and World Championship Free Wrestling Association. While in these promotions, Triple Cross won various titles in short time including WCFWA World Heavyweight Championship. Shortly thereafter, Cyber World Wrestling Federation offered Triple Cross a lucrative and exclusive contract to join the promotion. Triple Cross accepted and within his second year with the company became the last CWWF World Heavyweight Champion. After the closure of the CWWF, Triple Cross went overseas and joined the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance. He made an instant impact winning the UPW United States Heavyweight Championship followed by their World Heavyweight Championship (twice each).

      Triple Cross' career took a historic turn when he signed with A1 Entertainment. While in A1E, Triple Cross feuded with some of the wrestling industry's best including "The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy, Gladiator, Beast/"The Mecca" Marcus Westcott, Cameron Cruise, Castor V. Strife, and "The Ego-Buster" Dan Ryan. All of these feuds, along with signing with Empire Pro Wrestling, molded Triple Cross in such ways that he began wrestling under the names Cross, "The First and Only", and finally "The Messiah." Cross is also one of the only A1E superstars to win both the Best of A1E Tournament and the Pier Six Brawl and win the A1E World Title on 3 separate occasions.

      Seven years ago, Xandor Alvarez, CEO of the X Network passed away after a long battle with liver cancer. Upon his death, Cross and Raquel were named co-executors of the Alvarez estate including the billion dollar X Network. When A1E was taken over by Dan Ryan and EPW, Cross provided A1E Head Nathan Houston with the financial capital to regain the company. With order restored, Houston gave A1E a new focus. As 3-time A1E Cyber Champion and one-time World Heavyweight Champion, Cross felt slighted when Houston pushed newer superstars and forgot about Cross as contender for the top title. Bitter and angry, Cross used the X Network to coerce Nathan Houston into getting a title shot. In order to ensure the shot, Cross began a rogue quasi-religious faction called "The Covenant" who began to wreak havoc in A1E. Cross then changed his name to "The Messiah" Xandor Cross as the new leader of the faction. Although Houston was able to find independent financing to keep A1E from closure, the Covenant ransacked A1E by winning all its titles and making Cross what turned out to be the final A1E World Heavyweight Champion.

      With A1E on permanent hiatus, the Messiah joined Ascension Championship Wrestling. He quickly elevated the small company to a national promotion. Cross' impact on ACW was immediate and he earned an ACW Ultimate Championship match. On his first ever attempt at any title, Xandor Cross won the company's top title. Unfortunately, Steve Murdock, owner of ACW sold the company and Xandor exercised his buyout clause.

      Xandor Cross has now set his eyes on the one promotion that has not experienced promotional redemption and the "in-ring crucifixion": The CSWA.



      ACW Ultimate Champion; A1E World Heavyweight Champion (2x); UPW World Heavyweight Champion (2x); CWWF World Heavyweight Champion; WCFWA World Heavyweight Champion; A1E Cyber Champion (3x); UPW United States Heavyweight Champion (2x); WCFWA United States H


      Best Of A1E Tournament Winner; Co-Winner of A1E Pier Six Brawl



      Wrestling Style:   Psychological/High Impact/Power  
      Finisher Move:   Golgotha  
      Finisher Description:   Widow's Peak (Gory Neckbreaker)  
      Finisher Setup Move:   Stomach Kick  
      Setup Description:   With both wrestlers standing or grappling, Cross delivers a vicious kick to the opponent's stomach, bending him over.  
      Special Moves:   Take-up Your Cross (TYC) - Crucifix Driver
      Via Dolorosa - Adapted Gogoplata
      All Suplex Variations
      All Piledriver Variations
      All DDT Variations
      Various Top Rope Maneuvers 
      Other Moves:   Straight Punches
      Elbow Strikes
      Knife-Edge Chops
      Entrance Music:   "Storm" by Craig Armstrong & A.R. Rahman  
      Ring Entrances:   All the arena lights collapse into darkness. "Storm" by Craig Armstrong & A.R. Rahman begins to play. At 0:17 of the epic music, the entrance slowly lights up and smoke rises from below. A hooded figure in a long black leather sleeveless robe steps out from the back and stands in the middle of the stage. Xandor Cross looks out at the ring then the crowd with his hands clasped in front of him. He lowers his head, whispers a quick prayer, and punctuates it with the Sign of the Cross. Cross raises his head and beginning his walk towards the ring. As he walks to the ring, a spotlight shines down on him and follows his every step. When he reaches the ring, he turns sharply and enters the ring via the steps. At the top of the ring steps, Xandor Cross holds up a hand in front of him and does the Sign of the Cross to the ring and/or his opponent. This prompts the arena lights to return. Cross then steps through the ropes, walks to his corner, and stands there ominously. He slowly removes his hood and robe while never taking his eyes off the entryway and/or his opponent.