Personal Stats

Real Name:   Patrick Gordon Murphy, Jr.  
Nicknames:   PGJR, The Boston Brawler, The Southie Scrapper  
Hometown:   Boston, Massachusetts  
Height:   5'11½  
Weight:   242 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • The son of former professional wrestling cult favorite Pat Gordon, PGJr believes himself to be the next step in the evolution of professional wrestling and that he possesses an obvious (in his mind, at least) advantage against anyone he faces in the ring. But where some are arrogant and fall flat, Pat Gordon, Jr. has the ability to back it up.

      Wrestling Debut and UltraTitle

      The Boston Bruiser made his pro-wrestling debut for JUST, wrestling one match against Sean Styles. The match was held in London, a fact that his Irish-born father likely will never let him live down. PGJr only appeared in a handful of matches since then... until this year (2012). Pat didn't think twice before registering for the return of the famous Ultratitle tournament on the ESEN circuit. As part of that tournament, he made it to the fourth round (Sweet 16), scoring victories against the famed Suicide, talented August Joyce, and seasoned veteran and sociopath Jeffrey Roberts along the way. However, he met his match when he faced Jack Harmen, formerly known as High Flyer, and was eliminated from the tournament.

      INFINITE Wrestling

      Pat Gordon, Jr. joined INFINITE Wrestling in 2012. Since joining, Pat has lost to "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx and BP Lightning - two legends of the ring who have both wrestled Pat's father - in controversial decisions involving referee Bryan Turmoil. A third straight loss in the promotion - this time against the mountain-like Gibraltar - nearly pushed him over the edge.

      FRONTIER Grappling Arts

      Intent to build on the success he started in the UltraTitle tournament and increase the prestige of the Gordon name, the decision for the Boston Bruiser to join FGA was easy. Not only is it close to his home in Boston, but the competition here is palatable for anyone wishing to make a name in the world of professional wrestling.

      Frontier Grappling Arts


      UWL World Heavyweight Champion


      FGA Fan Favorite of the Year 2012 (co-held with Ben Hanson), PWF Match of the Year 2012 (PGJR vs. Kevin Hardaway - Chivalry Is Dead Match)


      Wrestling Style:   Mat Wrestler/Brawler  
      Finisher Move:   Pat Lock  
      Finisher Description:   Bridging cross-face chicken wing  
      Finisher Setup Move:    
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:    
      Other Moves:    
      Entrance Music:   "Chariots of Fire"  
      Ring Entrances: