Personal Stats

Hometown:   Philadelphia, PA  
Birthday:   12/01/1977  
Height:   6'  
Weight:   215 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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  • What is there to be said about JA that hasn't been said in the ring? Lots, actually.

    Born and raised in a wrestling family in Philadelphia, it was only natural that JA would be in the business. He was trained by his father up until he graduated high school, when he traveled cross country and across the border to train in the Hart Family Dungeon. He wrestled in Stampede and abroad before settling down back home for a short spell to stay off some burnout.

    In late 2000 though, after winning the Canadian Tag Team Tournament with his brother, JA was ready for the national American stage, signing with A1E (as Jericoholic ANonymous). His reputation grew quickly as one of the most entertaining guys on the roster out of the ring, and one of the most skilled in the ring. Making his name in a TLC match at the original Golden Dreams PPV, JA shot up like a bullet. He later captured the Cyber Title from Beast and held it until Golden Dreams in 2001, where he lost it to Chip Friendly.

    This began JA's dark period in A1E, where he battled with injury demons as well as personal issues. He'd capture the Cyber Title once more, and the Tag Titles twice with Euclid, but his stay from here on out was marred with contraversy.

    After leaving A1E, he made a short stay in MBE as the fed was closing its doors. Then he went into pseudo-retirement, and it was questionable whether he'd ever wrestle again.

    However, you can't keep a good Anglo Luchador down, and JA was back on the indie circuit in early 2004. He wrestled a match with then-A1E World Champion Euclid in a one off scenario on A1E's Tuesday Night Warfare before signing with Empire Pro Wrestling, where he still makes his residence today, shortening his name to JA so as not to cause Dan Ryan or Paul Freeman legal headaches.

    Not satisfied with the one-fed life, and always wanting to do more, JA followed the leads of other multi-fed superstars like Beast, Ryan, Lindsay Troy and Joey Melton and signed a contract with the CSWA. JA hopes to write several chapters in the fed's already storied history.

    In the ring, you will see JA always wearing his trademark lucha mask of varying design. He also wears leg-length spandex pants of varying designs. He tapes his wrists and wears long, single color solid boots that go halfway up his shins.

    JA is a very lean but muscular competitor. Think Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho hybrided... more muscle definition than Jericho, but a lot less muscle mass than Benoit.

    His ring style has morphed from a high-flying risktaker in his early years to that of a ground-based head-dropper in the tradition of strong style Japanese feds. That doesn't mean he won't take to the air, but given the choice of flying or breaking someone's neck, he'll go for the latter.

    He's also decidedly a face when it comes to the fans, and he does have his set of morals, but he's not adverse to breaking a few rules here and there.

    Lollipop used to remain in the locker room, but an incident with Steve Savoy in Empire Pro Wrestling has made JA a little more wary of leaving her alone. Now she accompanies JA to the ring like any good diva does.

    Finisher Move:   Karelin Driver  
    Finisher Description:   Russian Neck Drop from WWF No Mercy for N64 - JA grabs the victim in a gutwrench, holding him parallel to the mat and swinging him 180 degrees before driving his neck onto the mat at a very sharp angle -- Voted "Most Devastating Finisher" by PWI  
    Finisher Setup Move:   Lucky Seven Suplex  
    Setup Description:   Variant of a Joshi suplex, from the rear, JA grabs the victim's left arm across the victim's neck with his right arm and grabs the victim's right arm with his left arm between his legs before snapping back with a back suplexing motion, putt  
    Other Moves:   Liontamer (JA's primary submission hold)
    Knife-edge chops
    Frogsplash (when done off a ladder, it's called the Lionsplash)
    Guillotine leg drop
    Rolling clutch pin
    Inverted Indian deathlock
    Butterfly suplex/backbreaker
    Mexican Stretch Bomb (hard to explain move, but it's in Smackdown II: Know Your Role)
    Tombstone piledriver
    Snap dragon suplex
    Moonsaults of varying degrees of difficulty (never gets too complex... normally will keep things to a Lionsault and rarely a moonsault from the top)
    Spinning heel kick
    Suicide plancha
    Mexican surfboard stretch 
    Entrance Music:   "Eat the Rich" Fozzy