Personal Stats

Real Name:   Paulo Medez  
Hometown:   Los Angeles, California  
Height:   6'11"  
Weight:   347 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • Born in Los Angeles, real name Paulo Medez, he was a gifted pupil at school, often coming top of his class, but also often ending up in trouble for his temper. He once almost killed a fellow pupil who had done nothing more than bump into him, and needed most of the faculty to come out and stop him. He was excluded for this assault, but his father, a well known lawyer in the area, was able to get his son back into the same school by stating that he would take his son to councilling for his emper. This, obviously, didn?t work.

      At the age of 21, Paulo took up a job in his fathers office, looking, it seemed, to one day take a position as a lawyer. He studied many law texts, sat through many trials, but at 23 he left his fathers office, and took up small jobs like bouncer and general muscle when needed. It was on one of his jobs as a bouncer he was working with Maximillian Roberts, who also had a small job as a professional wrestler. Impressed by Paulo's size, Max invited him to a wrestling camp, and, after training him, teamed with Paulo on the independent scene. He saw that his partner was a monster in the ring, but needed a gimmick. After much searching, he managed to convince Paulo to use the name Jecht in the ring.

      After several years on the independent circuit, Blitz finally accepted a shot at the big-time, joining MCW. The league folded soon after Blitz joined, but their few showings encouraged Empire Pro Wrestling to offer them a contract to help the fledging league's tag division. It wasn't the best start for the team, failing to capture the Tag Team Titles in a four-team elimination match at the first PPV, but their tenacity paid off; first, they held the then champions, Christian Sands and Lindsay Troy, to a draw, and then won a multi-team match featuring legends such as Sands, Troy, and the Cameron Cruise Project, who Blitz eliminated to finally win Empire Pro gold.

      It was a title they would hold for almost a year, beating many of the best teams and names to grace Empire Pro. One of the many highlights for Blitz was a victory in a four-team elimination title match which featured six men who were all in the reckoning for the new TV title. They dominated the tag division, finally being overcome when the Highland Park Social Club convinced the office to make the match between the two teams a six man match, adding Slambo the Clown and Leonard Johnson to their respective teams. As Richard Farnswirth and Chip Friendly kept Max and Jecht occupied, Slambo hit the Buzz Killer on Leonard for the win.

      Blitz immediately went back to doing what they did best - dominating in the ring. This would lead in relatively short-term to a title match against the Cameron Cruise Project. However, Joey Melton decided not to appear, causing 'GM' Beast (Marcus Westcott) to award Blitz the titles. This reign was short-lived, as Dan Ryan returned the belts to the Cameron Cruise Project the following Aggression. Fearing that the feud between IrishRed and Beast on one hand, and Dan Ryan on the other, would harm Blitz's career, Leonard took the unusual step of publically walking out of Empire Pro; he also publically stated that he did not accept the second title reign in Empire Pro, as no match took place.

      However, Blitz weren't finished. After placing second in a one-off Tag Team Invitational tournament, picking up wins over the Celtic Assassins and Dan Ryan and Big Dog on the way, they signed to participate in A1E's T3. Although they didn't make it past the semi-finals, Nathan Houston was impressed with the abilities of Max, and especially Jecht, and Blitz became A1E regulars.

      Stating that they weren't going to go straight for the titles, Blitz made their intentions clear when they started beating A1E-mainstays in tag and singles action. However, the titles continually eluded them, until a Triple Threat Match in 2008 which also featured champions JA and Big Wreck, and number one contenders Second Coming. After JA and Big Wreck were eliminated, Blitz and Second Coming went back and forth, before the raw power of Blitz was able to seize the titles, starting a ten month reign which only came to an end when Jeffery Roberts helped his Age of Chaos team-mates (Torment and Luke Vaughn) - an example, says Leonard, of the destructive power of Blitz that it would take outside interference to end their lengthy reign.

      Although they were looking to bounce back quickly, an injury to Max temporarily halted that ambition. Whilst on tour in Japan, Max suffered a severe leg-break, putting the massive German on the shelf, and allowing Jecht to strike out for the first time in his career as a regular singles wrestler. With wins already over then-reigning champions Marcus Westcott (as Beast) and Rocko Daymon, Jecht's aim is to take each of the singles titles one by one, starting with the Challenge Championship. Targetting the champion, Jecht attacked Big Wreck week after week, leading to a Finishers match at Mercury Rising (2009). Jecht was defeated by Big Wreck, but soon his career took what many have said was a positive step.

      Scheduled to face Xandor Cross on Warfare, Leonard Johnson and Xandor struck a deal. If Jecht won, Xandor would guarantee Jecht a future shot at the World Title, which Xandor was hoping to win by defeating Cameron Cruise. If Xandor won, Jecht's contract would become the property of Xandor's company, and Leonard would leave A1E. In a hard fought encounter, Xandor was able to pin one of the few wrestlers bigger than him, and took control of Jecht's career. This meant not only would Jecht's affairs no longer be handled by his long-time manager and friend, but he would also be committed to doing charity work.

      Some thought that without Leonard Johnson's guidance, Jecht would struggle, but his career flourished. Added late on to the Challenge Championship TLC match at Golden Dreams, Jecht put in a strong showing that was only ended when Castor Strife and The First teamed up to put him through a table by throwing him off the ladder in the ring. Although Jecht didn't recover in time to stop Castor from winning, it set the scene for future matches where he went through opponents with sheer strength. He even managed to defeat Jeffrey Roberts and Torment of the Age of Chaos in singles competition without struggling.

      Those glimpses of dominance continued throughout 2010. Unsuccessful in his second Pier Six Brawl appearance he set his sights on becoming number one contender to the Cyber Title, then held by The First. He defeated Mr. Entertainment and Duchess in a triple threat tables match, before teaming with The First as part of Team Hart on the 200th episode of Warfare. Turning against his partner, Jecht cost his team the win in the match, but because Team Hart won the majority of matches over Team Daymon at Warfare, he and First were both allowed to name stipulations for their upcoming match at Vengeance. Unable to agree on the stipulations, Commissioner Richard Farnswirth decided between the choices (First's Ladder Match, and Jecht's no-rope exploding barbed wire cage match) with a coin toss. This led to what has been called one of the greatest ladder matches featuring a big man, where Jecht finally managed to secure singles championship gold in the form of the A1E Cyber Championship, beating The First.

      Jecht would lose the title in a triple threat match, but continued a path of destruction until A1E closed, joining The Covenant under Xandor Cross.

      Following A1E's closure, Jecht has taken time away from active competition, moving into training the next generation while putting in periodic appearances worldwide. At the same time, his friend, Max, regained his fitness, and following a phone call the two decided to take on the world again, knowing their combination of speed, power and brutality will be more than enough for anyone.

      Major Championship Wrestling (2003); Empire Pro Wrestling (2004-2007); A1E (2007-2011)


      EPW World Tag Team Title (w/ Max); A1E World Tag Team Title (w/ Max); A1E Cyber Champion



      Appearance: Very intimidating. And big. Solidly built, his whole appearance gives off an air of intimidation and rage. His hair, black and long, is normally kept tied back in a pony tail. He sports a full beard, which is greying a little, and his dark eyes seem to burn intensely. Outside the ring normally wears leathers, he wrestles in black tights, black boots, and his wrists taped black. He is of hispanic ancestry.

      Personality: He's mellowed a little with age, but that's made him more focused and devastating in the ring as his aggression is much more focused. If you annoy him sufficiently, he will hurt you without a second thought.

      Wrestling Style:   Powerhouse, brawler  
      Finisher Move:   Jecht Bomber  
      Finisher Description:   Last Ride style powerbomb  
      Finisher Setup Move:    
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:   Jecht Shot
      SETUP MANEUVER: Whips opponent to corner, running in with a clothesline.

      FINISHER DESCRIPTION: As the opponent staggers from the corner, Jecht catches them in a sleeper, slamming them to the mat, keeping the now choke on for a few seconds before going for the cover. Can set up Jecht Bomber.

      RARE: Asai Moonsault 
      Other Moves:   Running Powerslam
      Torture Rack
      Snake Eyes
      Gorilla Press Slam
      Vertical Suplex
      Whip into exposed turnbuckle
      Tiger-driver (Pearl River Plunge)
      Abdominal Stretch
      Stalling Chokeslam
      Chokeslam from the top to the outside 
      Entrance Music:   "Triumph of Genocide" by Unleashed (when wrestling in singles)  
      Ring Entrances:   The lights cut out, smoke starting to fill the entrance as the introduction plays, a purple light around the entrance eery through the haze. When the guitars kick in, the purple is joined by white lights strobing. Jecht walks toward the ring with his eyes burning. He enters the ring before the chorus, standing centre ring and roaring as the strobes again increase for the chorus, Jecht looking around the ring during the lines "United Nations stood aside / And watched the Triumph of Genocide", before the house lights come up and he stands his ground 


      • "Your soul will bleed."
      • "Hell's UNLEASHED!!"
      • "Your head is mine"