Personal Stats

Real Name:   Marcus Johnson  
Nicknames:   "The Hero"  
Hometown:   Tampa, Fla.  
Birthday:   5/15/75  
Height:   6'4"  
Weight:   250 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • Marcus Johnson made his debut in MHW, taking the persona "The Role Model" in which he professed to set an example for everyone, but was really underhanded with his strategies. He eventually made his way to the NthWA and had a brief run in CSWA, where he introduced his new manager, Tiffany. When NthWA closed and GXW emerged, Marcus changed his persona to "The Hero" and presented himself as somebody different -- a man who stood up for his principles, and revealed that Tiffany was really his wife.

      Marcus ultimately rose to become the GXW Unified World Champion, but after a brief reign, found himself distrusting the GXW front office and took a leave of absence. During his time away, Tiffany gave birth to a daughter. Marcus ultimately returned to GXW, but his return was short lived as the federation closed.

      Marcus spent some time competing in a few independent circuits and worked as a referee, but left wrestling to spend time with his family (along with a daughter, he had a son). But the announcement of CSWA's return caught the interest of Marcus, who now returns to the ring and looks to re-establish himself as one of the best competitors around.

      NthWA, MHW, GXW


      GXW Unified World Champion



      Wrestling Style:   Technician with limited aerial moves  
      Finisher Move:   Hero Conquers All  
      Finisher Description:   Dragon sleeper  
      Finisher Setup Move:   Brainbuster  
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:   Flying legdrop
      Belly-to-belly suplex out of the corner
      Inverted DDT 
      Other Moves:   Russian legsweep
      Boston crab
      Swinging neckbreaker
      Atomic drop
      Snap suplex
      Abdominal stretch
      Dragon screw legwhip
      Standing dropkick 
      Entrance Music:   "Hero" by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott  
      Ring Entrances: