Personal Stats

Real Name:   Jonathan Wilson  
Nicknames:   The Living Legend  
Hometown:   Austin, TX  
Birthday:   March 9th, 1980  
Height:   6  
Weight:   232 lbs 

CSWA Title History

    • -

    • rained by Matt Fury, Johnny Legend got his start like many associated with Fury, in the United Toughness Alliance. However, his claim to fame came from his stint in Next Generation Wrestling. Legend has spent most of his career in tag matches with Fury, and had yet to break out as a solo wrestler.

      In December of 2008, Matt and Johnny where involved in a car accident. Matt died instantly. Johnny was left with broken bones and other various injuries. Upon his recovery, he signed with the fWO for his return to the ring. After a short, but rewarding stay in the fWO, Legend came to HOW for the first time where he was undefeated before being let go due to wellness policy violations. Legend made a few appearances in DREAM Wrestling before disappearing, only to return to HOW television in late 2011.

      Legend had a successful run in HOW before taking time off to heal, he is now here in the CSWA.

      fWO, HOW




      Wrestling Style:    
      Finisher Move:   Legendary Leap  
      Finisher Description:   Five Star Frog Splash  
      Finisher Setup Move:   The Perfect End  
      Setup Description:   Superkick/Sweet Chin Music  
      Special Moves:    
      Other Moves:   Wrestling Style: High Flyer/Risk Take with Technical Expertise

      General Moveset: Diving Somersault Senton | Bridging Northern Lights Suplex | Corner Slingshot Splash | Moonsault | Monkey Flip | Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam | Armlock Cloverleaf | Diving Clothesline

      Lightheavyweight Moveset: Slingshot | Snap Suplex | DDT | Inverted DDT | Side Russian Leg Sweep | Superplex

      Heavyweight Moveset: Same as Above

      Super Heavyweight Moveset: Same as Above Minus Lifting Moves

      Hardcore Moveset: Anything Goes. Legend takes risk. That's why he is the Living Legend. He'll put himself in harms way.

      Entrance Music:   The Man with No Fear by Rob Zombie  
      Ring Entrances: