Personal Stats

Real Name:    
Hometown:   Freiburg, Germany  
Height:   6'10"  
Weight:   300 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • Born Maxamillian Roberts in Freiburg, Germany, Max was a fan of wrestling at a young age, often missing school to go watch a major event if he had to. He was very gifted intellectually, doing well right the way through school, passing his Abitur exams with flying colours. Went to university in the UK, where he spent the summers down in Portsmouth and London, learning the basics. His size gave a lot of people the impression that he was simply going to be a power wrestler, but his agility, honed over the years by various sports, meant he easily accomplished some moves which were designed for smaller wrestlers. He finished his university course with the top grade, then joined up with a small indy promotion at 21. He quickly rose to fame as a singles wrestler, winning the promotions major title, and kept the title until the end of the fed.

      During a tour of the US with the promotion, which resulted in the company folding due to lack of funds, Max caught the eye of many other independents. With the closure of his former fed, he stayed in the US, working mainly in the Los Angeles region, winning minor titles and never straying far from the main event scene in these smaller leagues. When not wrestling, he worked as a bouncer, and invited Paulo to a wrestling camp to give both something to do. He teamed with Paulo on the independent scene. He saw that his partner was a monster in the ring, but needed a gimmick. After much searching, he managed to convince Paulo to use the name Jecht in the ring.

      Max continued teaming with Jecht for many years, the pair creating devastation wherever they went, and were on the radar of several national companies. Finally, they were given the opportunity in front of the cameras at MCW, before moving on the Empire Pro Wrestling and finally, A1E. Wherever they went they were powerful contenders, winning the EPW and A1E World Tag Team titles at different times. After losing the A1E titles many thought Blitz would continue their dominance and reclaim the belts; however, tragedy struck during a match on tour in Japan in April 2009.

      During a tag team match, an opponent landed devastatingly on Max’s leg, snapping the femur and splintering the ends of the break. Max was unable to fulfil any bookings, and the complex nature of the break, combined with the German’s size, led to a long, three year recovery period. Many thought the giant from Germany was retired, and Max took a lot of time away from wrestling as a whole, periodically helping out at Leonard Johnson’s training facility when he was able to finally support his own weight.

      The big German, training rookies, rediscovered a love of the business after three years of hardly any contact with it. He started training rigorously, getting back in shape quickly and worked on improving his strength and conditioning. Although smaller than at his peak because of his injury he hasn’t lost any of his power, and after several gruelling short tours worldwide, he reached out to Jecht again to reform Blitz, and bring their own brand of devastation to CSWA.

      Major Championship Wrestling (200£); Empire Pro Wrestling (2004-2007); A1E (2007-2009)


      EPW World Tag Team Title (w/ Jecht); A1E World Tag Team Title (w/ Jecht)



      Appearance: Light brown hair, cropped short and close, his blue eyes determined inside the ring, calm and fairly soft outside. He's always clean shaven. In the ring, he wars black tights and boots like Jecht, and his wrists are taped black, but he also wears a black lycra vest. Again, very solid, but not quite as intimidating as Jecht.

      Personality: Outside the ring, he's a nice guy to talk to; very friendly and intelligent. Get him in the ring, though, and he's a dominating force, very determined.

      Wrestling Style:   Powerhouse  
      Finisher Move:   Sit-out Piledriver  
      Finisher Description:    
      Finisher Setup Move:    
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:   Mega Finisher - Maximum Impact (somersault neckbreaker; either following an Irish whip off the ropes, or with Max alone running, the big man launches himself up and over his opponent into Maximum Impact. Always goes for the cover straight after this move; used to be his primary finisher but due to his injury he tends to save it for when it's necessary) 
      Other Moves:   Powerslam
      Suplex (all variants)
      Snake Eyes
      Side headlock takedown
      Flying Clothesline
      Gut Buster
      Back Breaker
      Boston Crab
      Swinging Neckbreaker
      Reverse Fallaway Slam
      Entrance Music:   "Reise, Reise" by Rammstein (when wrestling singles)  
      Ring Entrances:   The opening drums cut the lights out in the arena, the sound of ocean waves hitting the air. As the chanting starts (around 7 seconds), blue and white lights pulse low, smoke filling the entrance way. As the guitars join in, searchlights start to dance before converging on the entrance, where Max appears 37 seconds into the track. He stands, waiting, his focus on the ring, until the lyrics start. He walks quickly to the ring, entering just in time for the chorus, where the spotlights hit the ring and circle the big man as he stands, eyes locked on the hard camera until the house lights come back on. 


      • "Prepare for Maximum Impact, Mädchen."