Personal Stats

Real Name:   Malcolm Joseph-Jones  
Nicknames:   MJ2  
Hometown:   Jackson, Mississippi  
Birthday:   07/17/1984  
Height:   6'6"  
Weight:   269 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • MJ2 has always been an incredibly gifted athlete; he was the starting quarterback of his high school, as well as an elite track and field star. His physical tools alone would have opened hundreds of doors for him...however, his biggest problem for as long as he could remember has been his mouth. His substantial ego and inability to stop belittling others around him constantly prevented him from obtaining real opportunities in his life. He is a fairly intelligent young man; unfortunately, he never had a problem shoving it in people's faces. College athletic departments quickly labeled him as a "Locker Room Cancer", preventing him from pursuing many of the colleges he was hoping to pursue. He soon became a four-sport Division III Millsaps College. A dearth of career opportunities built a massive chip on MJ2's shoulder, and he soon turned to mixed martial arts and wrestling, as these sports not only wouldn't turn you away for being physically and mentally gifted and having an attitude; they embrace it.




      Wrestling Style:   MMA-influenced Brawler  
      Finisher Move:   Greatness Buster/Greatness Choke/AMN ("Any Means Necessary")  
      Finisher Description:   Greatness Buster - Delayed Fisherman Buster; Greatness Choke- Guillotine Choke; AMN - Diving Double Foot Stomp  
      Finisher Setup Move:   Greatness Buster - Spear; Greatness Choke - Snap DDT; AMN - used only in special circumstances  
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:   Chokebreaker
      Kneeling Powerbomb
      Hip Toss Neckbreaker 
      Other Moves:   Spinebuster
      Short-arm Clothesline
      Lou Thesz Press
      Gutwrench Suplex
      European Uppercuts
      Rear Naked Choke
      Abdominal Stretch
      Atomic Drop (regular, not inverted)
      Texas Piledriver
      Running Forearm
      Alabama Slam
      Sidewalk Slam
      Double Axehandle 
      Entrance Music:   KU - Best of the Best (  
      Ring Entrances:   MJ2 ignores all crowd reactions, which lean heavily towards boos. He walks in stride with the beat of his entrance theme. At the first refrain, he raises both his arms, looking for a reaction from the crowd. When they meet him with boos, he begins to trash talk everyone and anyone within earshot. After a few moments of this, he flexes his muscles, pointing specifically to his gloriously chiseled abs.