Personal Stats

Real Name:   Christian Montiero  
Nicknames:   "Rising Star"  
Hometown:   Auburn Hills, Detroit  
Birthday:   07/20/1803  
Height:   6'2"  
Weight:   225 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • Much has happened to Christian Montiero in the past seven years.
      Making his professional wrestling debut in 1998, Montiero knew little about the sport. His upbringing was somewhat sheltered, with his borgeous parents filtering out anything they believed would stray Christian from an upper-class lifestyle. But, after attending a show with a group of friends, it seemed inevitable that Montiero would enter the squared circle.

      Montiero made national his debut for RoughKut Wrestling in 2002, relocated to the slums of Detroit in order to save money on travel expenses. While being interviewed for the job, Montiero met up with Rudolph Polenski. Polenski, who served as Montiero's valet during his RKW years, has remained a close friend since then.

      His run in RKW was somewhat predictable; a chain of seven losses and a single win over Hardcore Champion Crimson was the best he could muster for his debut. RKW would then close, with Montiero becoming unemployed in the process.

      Using the resources and knowledge gained from RKW, Montiero was swift to open his own company. Entitled XCWR, the promotion only lasted five shows before a dispute with the Best Corporation surrounded the company with bad publicity. After this, Montiero took a break from wrestling altogether.

      Two years later, Montiero returned to the ring. The reason was the death of close friend Oliver, who Montiero had met on the independant circuit. The pair had not spoken since Montiero ascended from the indy circuit, leaving Christian full of regret. After improving through a combination of training and studying, Christian entered RWN's flagship promotion XWF. Out to prove to the world that he had improved, Montiero captured the Triple X Championship in his debut. After losing the title in a triple threat match the following week without being pinned to the undefeated Ty Ferrel, Montiero pledged to avenge the loss. A small string of wins followed, followed by Montiero's exit from the company over a contractual dispute.

      Two days later, Montiero was invited to compete in Prime Time Central's Hokori & Meiyo Tournament, which featred numerous Prime Time alumini. Montiero was defiantely the underdog going into the tournament, but managed to pull a string of upsets against The Hound, Digital Mortality, Dallas Reeves and Ty Ferrel, ending Ferrel's undefeated streak and obtaining his revenge. A catalytical finale to the tournament saw Montiero defeat former PTC Global Champion Seymour Almassey in a close bout.

      Since the tournament, Montiero has taken time out to concentrate on his personal life. But with the thrill of the squared circle still calling him, and a contract offer from CSWA, Montiero has set his sights on challenging in the bigger leagues.




      Wrestling Style:    
      Finisher Move:   Seven Year Itch  
      Finisher Description:   Montiero lands a 450-degree forward splash from the top turnbuckle on a grounded opponent.  
      Finisher Setup Move:   Rising Star  
      Setup Description:   Montiero whips his opponent off the ropes. As the run back towards him, he raises them in the air. As they travel face-down towards the canvas, Montiero lands an armbar takedown on his opponent.  
      Special Moves:    
      Other Moves:   Clothesline
      Jumping DDT
      Quick Piledriver
      Chops in the corner
      Flash Magic
      Top Rope Dropkick 
      Entrance Music:   "What You Got" by Reveille  
      Ring Entrances: