Personal Stats

Hometown:   Parts Unknown  
Birthday:   03/23/1979  
Height:   6'3"  
Weight:   248 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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  • Nova comes from a federation you've never heard of, battling (and honestly overcoming, for the most part) foes you've never heard of, winning belts that mean nothing to you and garnering fame that isn't applicable here in the land of the C-S-Dub. "Shit," you might be thinking to yourself, "with that kind of intro, why the balls should I give a good goddamn about this joker?"

    Because he's an e-human being, you asshole, with e-feelings just like everyone else. Okay, I take back the "asshole" part...I'm not trying to come off too strong. Perhaps a different approach...a list of things Nova likes that might make you see that really, he isn't much different from you, or I, or that goofball Mike Seaver up the street who's ALWAYS chasing the ladies!

    Nova likes:
    1) Weed
    2) M*A*S*H
    3) Cigarettes
    4) Microwaveable Dinners (Stouffers, plz)
    5) Maalox
    6) Booze
    7) Goodnight Moon
    8) Weed
    9) Stand-Up Comedy
    10) Leftovers
    11) M00ching Free Title Shots Like Whut

    Don't you like those things? Shouldn't you root for Nova to become the next CSWA Something Champion? And if you're competing against him, shouldn't you maybe take it easy and let the poor bastard get his hands on a strap? He's doomed in NFW, and one out of two would still rock. HARD.

    * This is made even more sweet by the fact that if opponents attempt to block Bourbon for Breakfast by going down to their knees, it sets Nova up for the Caesarian Section. Oh, yeah. OH. YEAH.

    - I swear to God, the day I see this actually sold, I'll shit myself. Nova had an in-ring injury at the hands of Brandon Youngblood (long story), and as a result, DOES NOT ATTEMPT A SHOOTING STAR PRESS ANY LONGER. Somehow these bad boys keep popping up in his matches. Go figure.

    - Nova is divorced, and his ex-wife has custody of their daughter. The estrangement from both of them is a constant source of misery for him. Despite this, he is normally a jovial presence wherever he is.

    Finisher Move:   Bourbon for Breakfast  
    Finisher Description:   Nova hooks his opponent's head across the neck with his right arm and pulls back, putting pressure on the back. He then turns and grabs the left leg of his opponent and hoists him up and out before dropping him sharply on his (or her, srysrysry) no  
    Finisher Setup Move:   Caesarian Section  
    Setup Description:   Okay, I lied. This isn't a setup, it's an alternative submission finisher. With his opponent preferably on his knees facing away, Nova applies a rear naked choke and drops to his own knees, using his left arm to batter his opponent's expo  
    Other Moves:   Dying Star Drop (Fameasser)
    In-NOVA-tor (Corkscrew Cradle Suplex)
    Novacaine (Van Daminator)
    No-Vacancy (Double Underhook DDT)
    Horizontal Face-Pull Neck-Stretch Hurt-Plex Lock-Bomb (Crippler Crossface)
    CTRL-ALT-1337 (Moonsault into Back Elbow Drop)
    Body Splash
    T-Bone Suplex
    German Suplex
    Jumping Calf Kick 
    Entrance Music:   "Maggot Brain" by Funkadelic