Personal Stats

Hometown:   Flagstaff, Arizona  
Birthday:   02/29/1980  
Height:   5'11  
Weight:   215 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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  • Jay Phoenix was born and raised on a Native American reservation, brought up to respect the land, and all its creatures, and to judge individuals on their merits alone, not who they are or what they are. While not massively built, or especially strong, Phoenix is naturally quick and powerful, and extremely resilient. He excelled at most sports, quickly mastering any he tried, especially the Martial Arts.

    Chosen to represent the United States of America as part of the Olympic Archery team, Phoenix's mentor and guardian decided that wrestling was the career path that Phoenix should follow … so he did.

    Over the last seven years Phoenix has wrestled for various federations, but has alwasy preferred to take long term contracts that he can commit to instead of short terms indy stints.

    Four years in his 'home' federation, the PWW, led to him being the only wrestler in their illustrious history to cpature all titles and be hailed as a grandslam champion. Moving to the PWW's 'sister' federation, the UWF, he became a mainstay there as well, wraking up successful title reigns with all five of the federations singles titles. Taking part in the PTC's inaugural Global Title Tournament, Phoenix outlasted 254 other men to become a finalist and earn a spot in the PCW. Since then Phoenix has toured a few other federations and taken part in various other tournaments (notable ones include winning the 2003 CWMC, as well as RPG and UTT).

    While still young, and with plenty of years left before him, Phoenix is hungry to find a stable federation ... a place he can call home.

    Phoenix is both highly focused, and highly spiritual. Looks towards the Native American spirits to guide him ... very open and trusting, with an attitude of seeing the best in everyone until proved otherwise.

    Phoenix is also trained in Martial Arts and uses extensive moves, primarily Dragon style (Southern Style Kung Fu) techniques, such as double palms strikes to the opponents body, spin kicks, and a lot of locking techniques (ie armbars).

    Finisher Move:   Phoenix Rising  
    Finisher Description:   After the set up move, Phoenix springboards from the middle of the top rope, into a somersault leg drop, landing across the opponents chest.  
    Finisher Setup Move:   Firestorm  
    Setup Description:   A butterfly powerbomb (pedigree set up … both arms behind back while head is lowered, into a short power-bomb,if the opponent is too big, then just the pedigree is used instead of the powerbomb) leaving them on the mat.  
    Other Moves:   Wrestling Style: Cruiser Weight/Technical

    Tomahawk - (Jumping axe kick to back of head, from off the ropes. (As Booker T.))
    Broken Arrow - (Scorpion Deathlock / Sharphooter)
    Dreamcatcher - (Shawn Michaels' 'Sweet Chin Music' (thrust side kick to the face))
    From the Ashes - (Senton Bomb)
    Inferno - (Mysterio's 619)
    Spinning heel kick
    Arm drag take down from whip to ropes.
    Dropkick (standing, and from top rope)
    Butterfly suplex
    Float over DDT
    Spinning heel kick
    Flying clothesline
    Face buster (HHH knee to the face)
    Flying head scissors
    Asai moonsault
    Corkscrew plancha

    Entrance Music:   Annihilator - 'Phoenix Rising'