Personal Stats

Hometown:   Santa Monica, CA  
Birthday:   03/17/1979  
Height:   6'  
Weight:   215 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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  • Radder joined the CSWA when it joined the internet revolution, signing up with superstars like Eddy Love, Kevin Powers, and Eliminator, among others. The three named are no longer active. He came from a small federation that no-one outside of Podunk, NM would know about.

    He slowly climbed the ranks, impressing fans with his wit, quick tongue, and explosive style. Commentators and pundits have mentioned that they do not believe Radder could be a heel wrestler if he tried, though he's never been anything close to a "true face" like Mark Vizzack, a man he's known to call "The Worm", in reference to a man he considers one of his greatest foes. Vizzack is also inactive. Eventually, Radder topped several other high-end competitors to win the Ironman of Champions and become CSWA World Champion for the first, and to this point, only time.

    He disappeared shortly after his first title defense against Evan Aho, which he lost. Critics complained he looked poor in the ring, ineffective and distracted.

    Radder recently returned to the CSWA ranks.

    Insists that he no longer thinks of himself as "Iceman" Steve Radder but as yet has not commented on his reasoning for this in any way.

    Finisher Move:   "Absolute Zero"  
    Finisher Description:   Full-nelson face-first slam  
    Finisher Setup Move:   None, at the moment  
    Other Moves:   Hurricarana
    German suplex
    Running dropkick
    Body slam
    Flying elbow
    Sidewalk slam 
    Entrance Music:   "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against The Machine