Personal Stats

Real Name:   Jesse Tyler Ramey  
Nicknames:   The Anti-Star  
Hometown:   Harts, West Virginia  
Birthday:   January 6th, 1976  
Height:   6'  
Weight:   205 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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      UWL, Extreme World Fighting (EWF), CWA, Just Electrifying Wrestling (JEW), Cyberspace Championship Wrestling (CCW), Old School Wrestling (OSW), Five Star Wrestling (FSW), PURE, Primetime Wrestling Circuit (PWC), the Asylum (tA), thReat, All-Star Champions


      UWL Tag Team Champion (w/ Blackheart), UWL Television Champion (First to win and last to hold) (x 2 and Longest Championship Reign), First EWF Hardcore Champion, CWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Klown), CWA Hardcore Champion (x 2), CWA World Heavyweight Champio


      UWL Hall of Fame Inductee, ACW King of Ages 2010


      Wrestling Style:   Extreme, Technical, High-Flyer  
      Finisher Move:   The Attitude Adjustment; Non Compos Mentis  
      Finisher Description:   Darkness Bomb; Sunset Flip Powerbomb  
      Finisher Setup Move:    
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:   The Hangover (Tornado DDT), Touching the Sky (Split-Legged Moonsault), Stroke of Attitude; SOA (Rolling Senton), Extreme Measures (Jump Spinning Heel Kick), Culture Development (Asai Moonsault) 
      Other Moves:   Turnbuckle/High Flying Moves: Flying Clothesline, Flying Headbutt, Guillotine Leg Drop, Shooting Star Press, 450 Splash, Corkscrew Plancha, Cross Body Block, Flying DDT, Frog Splash, Swanton Bomb, Skytwister Press.

      Submission Moves: Achilles Tendon Hold, Ankle Lock, Chicken Wing, Crossface, Dragon Sleeper, Figure Four Leg Lock, Greco-Roman Arm Lock, Headlock, Indian Death Lock, Nerve Hold, Reverse Chinlock, Rings of Saturn, Sharpshooter, Side Headlock, Sleeper Hold, STF, Texas Cloverleaf.

      Other Common Moves: Arm Drag, Arm Scissors, Baseball Slide to the Outside, Running Bulldog, DDT, Double-Arm DDT, Drop Toe Hold, Dragon Screw Leg Whip, Eye Gouge, Facebuster, Headscissors, Hip Toss, Insiguri Kick, Japanese Arm Drag, Leg Sweep, Monkey Flip, Neck Breaker, Reverse Neck Breaker, Running Clothesline, Running Senton (Back Splash), Savat Kick, Short Arm Scissors, Side Kick, Side Russian Leg Sweep, Snap DDT, Snapmare, Snap Suplex, Spinning Toe Hold, Standing Drop Kick, Superkick, Swinging Neck Breaker, Thrust Kick, Tornado Punch. 
      Entrance Music:   "Heroes" by Shinedown  
      Ring Entrances: