Personal Stats

Real Name:    
Nicknames:   America's Sweetheart  
Hometown:   (Motown) Detroit, MI  
Birthday:   08/29/1984  
Height:   5'10"  
Weight:   200 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • Shamon has been wrestling for a few years. He started wrestling for Motown Pro Wrestling in Detroit and entered the CSWA with some dirt on an unknown superstar. The speculation regarding the blackmail material was that he had a secret about JJ Deville, but the world may never know. He has moved past that point in his life and is looking on to new horizons. Shortly after entering the CSWA, he was recruited to be the lackey of the Professionals (Eddie Mayfield and Craig Miles) in the CSWA. He followed Mayfield to NFW and continued to work for him as a personal assistant for a while.

      He is a Michael Jackson impersonator, though he seems to think he is paying homage to the deceased icon. It was revealed during the 2012 Ultratitle tournament that he spent time with MJ as a child. MJ saw so much potential in him, that he began saying his name in songs as a shout out to Shamon. He also claims that MJ helped shape his image and would wrestle with him in his spare time, since MJ studied under his father, Joe Jackson.

      After leaving wrestling for a while, he entered a singing contest at the start of 2012, which aired on national television. Shamon won the 2012 season of American Voice Factor X (AVFX).

      Since winning AVFX, he decided to parlay his stardom back into wrestling and capitalize on his momentum. So far it has worked and his success in the ring has improved drastically. Once considered by many to be a jobber, he has turned a lot of heads with his performance in the Ultratitle tournament.

      He likes to stall by dancing in the ring. Gets over excited when momentum shifts his way...which usually ends badly for him. He wears a glittered glove on his right hand and has a blonde jheri curl.

      Not much else I can think of to be useful. I think his RP speaks for itself and gives a lot of inisght into the person he is.





      Wrestling Style:   Defensive style? There is no style that he can be classified under.  
      Finisher Move:   The Thriller  
      Finisher Description:   350 splash off the top rope  
      Finisher Setup Move:   Whatever works, usually his opponent messes up and he capitalizes on it.  
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:    
      Other Moves:   Eye gouge, slaps, clothesline, crotch shot, shoulder shimmys, moonwalk, wrist lock, and dance moves 
      Entrance Music:   "Bad" by Michael Jackson  
      Ring Entrances: