Personal Stats

Real Name:   Jonathan Showtime  
Hometown:   Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Birthday:   June 16  
Height:   6'1  
Weight:   219 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • A 14-year veteran, Showtime has made his mark in a number of feds with his mix of esoteric character and in-ring flare. However, he has long been considered a singles underachiever, pigeonholed because of his longterm success in tag team divisions. Nowadays he is mainly seen in limited engagements where he feels his talents are best exhibited.

      IWA, CWA, UEW, SWA, nbW


      UEW World Heavyweight, nbW World Tag Team



      Wrestling Style:   Speedy all-rounder  
      Finisher Move:   Final Curtain  
      Finisher Description:   Corkscrew moonsault  
      Finisher Setup Move:   Standing Ovation  
      Setup Description:   Superkick  
      Special Moves:   Belly-to-belly suplex, tornado DDT, reverse DDT, swinging neckbreaker, missile dropkick, flapjack, russian legsweep, brainbuster, samoan drop, flying clothesline, back handspring elbow in corner, springboard elbow drop 
      Other Moves:   Suplex, drop toe hold, surfboard, running high knee, knee drop, armdrag, spinning heel kick, cross body block, snap suplex, snap DDT, bodyslam 
      Entrance Music:   "Do the Doot Da Doot Do" by Hollerado  
      Ring Entrances:   The lights go out. The false beginning to "Do the Doot Da Doot Do" plays. the fans start to cheer in anticipation. Then by the count of "1, 2, 3, 4!" the lights come back on in a flash of pyro and Showtime appears at the entrance with Penny. As he makes his way to the ring, he slaps hands with various fans at ringside.