Personal Stats

Real Name:    
Nicknames:   "The Superbeast"  
Hometown:   Somewhere in Georgia  
Birthday:   Unknown  
Height:   7'1  
Weight:   395 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • Pay no mind to the distant battle; your fate lies with me. A simple decision between life or death, and they say God has it hard. To let you live is to show weakness and weakness is like an open wound that your enemy can take advantage of. On the other card we have death, ah so pure and simple death is but it’s way too easy. You’ll be scared as your bowels finally let lose and you beg with eyes filled with tears. That’s the beauty of it all, no one leaves life like in the movies, you leave covered in your own waste.

      So I chose to be the executioner rather than the judge. The one who is in charge of making sure your punishment is done correctly. Call what I do inhumane or simply call it art, either way you cannot change fate. Fate is like the whore that you fuck and then you become HIV positive, there’s not a God damn thing you can do about it but sit around and wait to die. You can try to fight it but why? In the end it wins, you lose, you are a loser, and you will die like the rest. And do you think that anyone cares you’re gone? You’re just another body in the sea of the dead. Just another grain of sand lost inside a wave, or as they say…just dust in the wind.

      At this point I’ve either become the object of your hatred or your new God. I simply don’t care; my apathy for the world is strong. Let the warriors come, let the drums of war blare, let the mountains crumble into the sea but in the end, as always, I will be left standing. You can’t kill that which is already dead. Not like those mentally challenged Goths you see running around but the kind of dead you find in ones soul after a great deal of self destruction. I am not your hero; I am not your boogieman. I am but a mere enigma of a monster. Like the shadows that surround you when you are sleeping I am always there, watching, feeling, and loathing you.

      Call all this the ramblings of a loon or call it prophecy. It’s a double edge sword that you now hold and slowly it begins to cut. The blood flows from your hand but your ignorance blinds this. You bleed yourself dry and as you begin to die you wonder why? I won’t save you from your ignorance, I won’t save you from your nightmares, nor will I save you from yourself.

      Flock to me my sheep and I shall slaughter you all.




      Other Info

      Sylo is different from most monsters in the sense that he is a thinking mans monster. You can never tell where he's coming from or what he'll do next.

      Primarily known as "The Superbeast," Sylo is also known by the following nicknames: 'The Revenant Demon', The enigmatic monster, The Destroyer', The one man wrecking crew, El traigador de muerte

      Wrestling Style:    
      Finisher Move:   The Systematic Shutdown  
      Finisher Description:   A reverse F5  
      Finisher Setup Move:   The Slaughter  
      Setup Description:   Spear  
      Special Moves:    
      Other Moves:   Side Slam
      Belly to Belly Suplex
      Power bomb
      Big Boot
      Shoulder Breaker
      Abdominal Stretch
      Reverse DDT 
      Entrance Music:   "Pet" - A Perfect Circle  
      Ring Entrances: