Personal Stats

Real Name:   Anthony Davis  
Nicknames:   Former Degenerate, Seller of Nads, Destroyer of Heat, Mr. Where Am I?  
Hometown:   Camden, NJ  
Birthday:   January 14th, 1977  
Height:   6'2  
Weight:   245 lbs 

CSWA Title History

    • -

    • FWO, IWO, Action!, jOlt, nbW, PRIME, EPW


      IWO World Heavyweight Title, IWO North American Title, IWO Tag Team Titles (w/ Chris Anthony & High Flyer x2), jOlt Tag Team Title (w/ Chris Register & High Flyer x2), PRIME World Tag Team Titles(w/High Flyer)[x3], the Squared Circle Tag Team Titl


      IWO Hall of Fame, 2001 IWO Feud of the Year(vs. Flyer), PRIME Best Tag Team 2007-2008


      A clueless and bored veteran of the sport, Tony Davis spent years hardly remembering where he was most of the time, yet alone that it was inside of a wrestling ring. Almost as bad as an Alzheimer's patient, Davis was simply disinterested in achieving anything further than what he already has. Gold, to him, has no longer been shiny enough to him.

      Because of this, he recorded a Rock-Hip-Hop album in order to go Platinum.

      It didn't even go Gold.

      But since his tag team partner and brother-in-law Jack Harmen went to the final four of the Ultratitle and won the NFW Everette Memorial straps with Nova, Tony Davis has wanted to prove his worth as a professional wrestler. He wishes to step out of the shadows of the man who used to Fly High, and become the best pure professional wrestler in the game.

      Even if that means he has to put down his Nintendo DS.

      Wrestling Style:   Technical Powerhouse  
      Finisher Move:   Equalizer  
      Finisher Description:   Double Underhook Tigerbomb  
      Finisher Setup Move:   1.)Shhhhh! (w/ Crowd Reaction) 2.)Ooooooh (w/ Crowd Reaction  
      Setup Description:   1.)Sleeper as crowd "Shhhhs" before hitting a Sitout rear mat slam 2.)Delayed vertical suplex (held for as long as the crowd "Oooooh's"  
      Special Moves:   Spinning Powerbomb off the ropes (ie, Tony's stands, bounces back of opponent off top rope and spins into a powerbomb) 
      Other Moves:   Belly to Belly Suplex, Sitout Body Slam Piledriver, , Reverse DVD, Short-Arm Lariat, Rolling Armbar Takedown, Running Swinging Neckbreaker, Spinebuster, Northern Lights Suplex, Inverted Suplex, Inverted DDT, Sleeper Slam, Sleeper Backbreaker, Standing Dropkick 
      Entrance Music:    
      Ring Entrances: