Personal Stats

Real Name:   Terry Turner  
Nicknames:   "Top Notch"  
Hometown:   Half Moon Bay, California  
Birthday:   9/5/88  
Height:   5'8"  
Weight:   205 lbs 

CSWA Title History

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    • Terry Turner was born in the surfing town of Half Moon Bay, California. Spending the majority of his time hitting the wave and on the beach his first job was actually lifeguarding. One of the more popular locations for surfing in California due to the sandbars, Terry was well known in the area for his skills on the waves.

      His attention later shifted to wrestling after meeting up with a local promoter at a bar. From lifeguarding and surfing into local San Francisco indy wrestling Terry began wrestling in two different promotions in the San Francisco region.

      After two years he was hired to a regional promotion and finally after much scouting by CSWA he was recruited into their "farm" promotion. After Gold Rush and the closing of CSWA’s flagship shows he continued to work in the much smaller company.

      With the announcement of CSWA’s return, Terry Turner was giving the call he had been waiting for and offered a full time contract with CSWA.




      Wrestling Style:   High Flyer/High Risk  
      Finisher Move:   Rip Current  
      Finisher Description:   Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors transitioned into a single arm DDT  
      Finisher Setup Move:    
      Setup Description:    
      Special Moves:   Dropkick Hurricarana
      Springboard moonsault
      Wheelbarrel bulldog
      Running Bulldog
      Spinning DDT
      Snapmare to Dropkick
      (Diving) Crossbody 
      Other Moves:    
      Entrance Music:   "Love Child" by Accept  
      Ring Entrances:   "Love Child" by Accept fires over the sound system as "Top Notch" Terry Turner comes out on the entrance way. Dawning his usual ring attire surfboard shorts and a tshirt he slaps hands with the fans stopping to take a photo with one or two on his way to the ring. Terry slides into the ring posing for the crowd and climbs the nearest turnbuckle removing his shirt and tossing it to the cheering crowd.