Personal Stats

Real Name:   Justin Leslie Voss  
Nicknames:   VossMan, the Mysterious V, fugginVOSS, the Epitome of Entertainment, the former Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah  
Hometown:   Baton Rouge, Louisiana via Melbourne, Australia  
Birthday:   18th of September, 1981  
Height:   6'6"  
Weight:   279 lbs 

CSWA Title History

    • - None yet.

    • J. Leslie Voss was the dirtiest sonofabitch that you ever did see. He lied and cheated and would've sold his own mother if it meant for him to advance toward gold. He would do anything to get gold and all the rest to keep it. He would become deranged and maniacal with a title belt and would destroy people simply to keep it. Ending someone's career would not be out of the question. Ending someone's life would be considered. He was the most despicable bastard that ever took to a wrestling ring and the fans completed loathed him. Hate is not a powerful enough word to describe what the people felt towards the Ayatollah of Ass-a-hollah.

      But the one thing he never took into consideration for all his wicked ways was how it would reflect upon his family. How it would affect the people he loved. Taking some time off to nurse a meniscus cartilage injury on his right knee, undergoing a reconstruction, JLV took some time off from the ring to gain his health and fitness back and spend some time with the people he loved. Spending time with the people he loved meant realising what his passion for success in professional wrestling ACTUALLY meant to them.

      His family had been taunted and teased. Fan boys had provoked attacks on his wife. Kids had made his daughter's life at school a living Hell and all for his own success.

      Now, returning to the ring, JLV has had to listen to the pleas of his family. Don't play the villain. Make amends for your previous wrestling life. Turn your back on the villainy. Become the man they knew him to be. A hero.

      If he could.

      IF... he could.

      thReat, Spinebuster Wrestling, hardcore Wrestling organisation, Legacy of Champions, Legion, Awesome & Win Entertainment, no Brand Wrestling, BRAND Wrestling, Infinite Wrestling (current)


      SbW World Champion, SbW Louisiana State Heavyweight Championship, SbW Baton Rouge City Team Champion, hWo World Champion, hWo Tag Team Champion, nbW Religious Rasslin Champion (see; Keystone Champion)


      nbW 2012 Hall of Fame


      Voss has also made appearances in Action! Wrestling & All-Star Championship Wrestling (2x)

      Wrestling Style:   Sports Entertainer  
      Finisher Move:   vDriver II  
      Finisher Description:   Package piledriver  
      Finisher Setup Move:   Ode to Endagerment  
      Setup Description:   Spinning palm thrust to the forehead  
      Special Moves:   Alternate Finishers
      vDriver Mk '07 (stalling vertical suplex into 3/4 turn facebreaker (Stunner))
      Ode to Flair (Figure four leglock)
      Ode to my Asshole (Clothesline from Hell) 
      Other Moves:   1. European uppercut
      2. big boot
      3. sleeper
      4. mule kick (to belly)
      5. head grab takedown (wraps hands around the ears of charging opponent and swings around 180 and lets go)
      6. snapmare w/- palm thrust to back of the head
      7. single arm DDT
      8. fall away slam
      9. leg hook back body drop
      10. 180 degree spinebuster slam
      11. powerbomb
      12. inverted vertical suplex slam (set-up for Ode to Money Bags)
      13. Ode to Money Bags: top rope Million Dollar fistdrop (can also be performed from a standing or running position)
      14. torture rack
      15. sidewalk slam w/- elbow to face after canvas impact 
      Entrance Music:   "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith  
      Ring Entrances:   The music hits the personal announce system and Voss emerges from the back.  He stands on the stage and looks out over all the fans.  He presses two fingers from his mouth, as if he were drawing back on a cigarette and as the music hits it's first crescendo he raises those fingers from his lips and blows out a plumage of smoke.  He then turns his back to the fans and thumbs at the tattoo of his daughter's name across the top of his back.  He spins and begins to turn and as he walks, raises his left arm to display one of his son's names and kisses the top of his forearm then the other.  Then he beats his heart three times before making his way down the ramp.  Eyes fixed on the ring (or his opponent) he makes his way around to the back side of the ring, climbs the steps and up the outside of the ringpost crouching over and finally bursting upright and raising a hand high above his head displaying two fingers extended, representing a "V".  He will remain there and stare down his opponent or just soak in the crowd's response.