13 Jan 2013

Cricket Arena, Charlotte, North Carolina (seats 10,500)

No Merritt? No Thomas? No Benson?

(CUTTO a long white hallway somewhere in the bowels of the arena. The camera does a 360, showing the lack of activity, pausing only momentarily on a nondescript door. From the right side of the screen, Ivy McGinnis steps into view and knocks on the door.)

"Just a minute," said a muffled voice. 

A minute or so later, give or take, the door opened, and out stepped...

...Teri Melton.

Long-time fans could practically see the urge to kill on Ivy's face. 

"Teri," she said, with surprisingly convincing civility.

"McGinnis," replied Teri. 

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, huh?" asked Ivy. 


"Let me guess, you're VP of something, right? How many nights of STD-laden ecstasy did you need to lay out for the job, no pun intended?"

Teri actually looked a little hurt at the accusation. "Actually, none."

Ivy raised an eyebrow.

"As hard as it may be for you to believe, McGinnis, I got my job here with a dossier of ideas for getting this place up and on a paying basis again. I applied, interviewed, and got the job on merit. And I have you and your example to thank for it."

"Really?" asked Ivy, "Assuming that's true, I'm flattered."

Teri stepped around Ivy. "I'm sure you have an idea how painful it was for me to admit that to anyone, least of all you. Why would I make it up and say it if I didn't have to? You want me to go back in there with you and have the boss confirm it?"

"That's fine," said Ivy with a laugh, "I think you and I have spent enough time together in a small, windowless room to last a lifetime."

Despite the circumstances, they were both able to look back with a good deal of humor on the Cruise of Deception and the insane escape.

"By the way," said Teri, as she continued to walk away, "Your kid is adorable. Takes after his mom."

A rueful smile crossed Ivy's face again as she opened the door. "Dig the boots, Teri. Definite style."

The camera didn't follow Ivy into the office, but it was able to catch the entire conversation.

"We can do this later, Ivy, if you want to catch up with your new BFF."

"Oh no, you didn't. We did not just have a moment."

"Keep on denying it, I predict you'll be doing each other's hair before the week is out."

"I'm leaving now."

"No, no, Ivy... wait up. You talked to Merritt?"

"I did."

"He told you the deal?"

"He did."

"And even after everything, you're still in?"

"Because of everything, not in spite of it."


"I've called you a lot of mean things through the years, and you got the toned-down, edited version. And you deserved all of them. But we're all older now, and we're all less about the 'I' and more about the 'We.' And I know that We can pull this off."


"And while you're a lot of things, you've never been stupid. You wouldn't be doing this if you didn't know what you were doing. Merritt said it best at Blue Moon, this company is a family, and it doesn't work right when there's pieces missing."

"Wow. Shannon really changed you, didn't he?"

"Yeah, I guess I have mellowed a bit. But I'm still me, so I'll give you the same deal I gave Merritt: full disclosure. Don't keep things from me that I should know about, and we'll have no problems."

"Mellow McGinnis is still more terrifying than anyone else in a full-on berzerker rage. Deal. Full disclosure."

"Then I'm all in."

There was a moment of silence, one can presume that they're shaking hands.

"Now go," said the boss, "get on over to the truck, Marvin's waiting for you to start the meeting."

The door opened and Ivy reemerged.

"And let me know when you need to leave for you and Teri's mani-pedi appointment, okay?"

"Do you want to see Berzerker Rage Ivy?" asked Ivy, closing the door behind her. She stopped, and looked at the camera.

"Don't be so nosy," she said, "You'll find out soon enough."


Welcome to VERSUS!

(CUEUP: A cut down version of the CSWA's intro to BLUE MOON plays as the original CSWA logo slowly fades in. As the monologue continues, the CSWA's logo changes from era to era, finally reaching the new red star logo.)

(V/O) And what was once ordinary... becomes legendary.
To those of you just joining us, welcome.
To those of you who have been waiting for our return, welcome back.
To all of you, welcome home.
THIS is the CSWA.

(CUEUP: "Home" by Philip Phillips. A lone guitar kicks in.)

Hold on to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringin' us along
Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

(CUTTO:  Dan Ryan hits a Humility Bomb and collapses onto Troy Windham as the referee starts a count in their match at BLUE MOON.)

(CUTTO:  Troy Windham and Dan Ryan embracing in the center of the ring after their war, the UNIFIED Title over Ryan's shoulder.)

(CUTTO:  "Triple X" Sean Stevens standing on the turnbuckle celebrating with the Greensboro crowd after his win over Hornet.)

(CUTTO:  Scott Riktor ripping off a bear suit in the corner, while Justin Voss stands on the apron jumping up and down in a bear suit.)

Settle down it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear
Trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost you can always be found
Just know you're not alone
Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

(CUTTO:  An overhead shot of the Greensboro crowd ERUPTING as the referee counts three and Troy Windham's foot hits the ropes too late.)

(CUTTO:  An overhead shot from just moments ago as Bill Buckley and Joey Melton walk down the rampway in Cricket Arena.  Buckley is wiping away tears as he waves to the fans.)

(CUTTO:  Individual and group shots of the fans inside the arena in Charlotte. And then there's PYRO!)  


(CUTTO:  The camera pans quickly.  The arena has empty spots that are somewhat hidden from the overall camera shot but can be seen in these quick shots.  Nevertheless, the crowd is hyped.  A "HORNET WINS!" sign is seen in the background, then a quick cut to an "I STILL BELIEVE IN TROY!" sign.)

JOEY MELTON:  I know I'm supposed to be the ass here, Bill, but seeing that huge smile on your face just might be worth the price of admission tonight.

BB:  What can I say, Joey.  It's been a long time coming.  And I notice you've got quite the smile on too, you chucklehead.

JM:  That's no way to speak to your betters, Bill.  But I'll let it slide this once.

BB:  Fans, we are here in Charlotte, North Carolina, just ninety minutes down the road from where CSWA: BLUE MOON took place.

(CUTTO:  More quick crowd shots and signs. "DAN RYAN ATE MY BABY!" is held by a guy mugging for the crowd.  The screen cuts to a shot of Buckley and Melton. Behind them is a ZZ Top looking guy holding a sign that says "I'M THE HACKER!")

BB:  Dan Ryan is once again the UNIFIED World Champion after defeating Troy Windham in a match that might just have been worth the YEARS it took for us to see it.

JM:  I might not go quite that far, Bill.  But the title win was overshadowed when BLAINE HOLLYWOOD put a huge beating on both men after their war.  Hollywood has entered the CSWA and he clearly has his sights set on skipping everything but the main event.

BB:  We're hoping to get a word with both Hollywood and Dan Ryan tonight if we can.  But we've got a full show, including the return of Mark Windham and Cameron Cruise to a CSWA ring... the kickoff of the Unified Tag Team Championship Tournament, and much more!

JM:  The CSWA has a chance to showcase some brand new talent from around the wrestling world if we can just keep our act together, Bill.  I've seen some familiar faces in the back that I recognize, and I'm not talking about CSWA vets.  We've already seen Justin Voss show up unexpectedly with Scott Riktor, who had a very brief stint in the past.

BB:  Before we take a commercial break and get to our first match here on the new VERSUS, let's get you introduced to one of those faces you might remember.


A Hero's Return

(The camera cuts to an odd sight -- it appears to be someone's... living room?)

Toys on the floor.

The living room floor.
Looks like the kids forgot to put things away when it was time for bed.
A man bends over to pick the toys up. The man used to be a wrestler... it was a long time ago. Last time we saw this man in a wrestling ring around these parts was back in 2004. Oh, he's been around a few other places since that time... but mostly he's been spending time with the family.
This is "The Hero" Marcus Johnson.
A lot happened in Marcus' life in the past few years. His wife Tiffany gave birth to their first child -- a daughter, Michelle -- back in 2003. She's 9 years old now. Since then, she gave birth to a son, James, who is 6 years old. And, of course, picking up after the kids who forgot to put the toys away after bedtime is something that comes with being a parent.
As Marcus puts the toy away into a crate, in walks the wife, Tiffany.
"Finally got them settled down for the night."
Marcus looks up, his thoughts interrupted.
"Good to know."
He approaches his wife, who folds her arms.
"So," Tiffany said to her husband, "you think you can handle a return to the ring on top of raising these kids?"
She smiled at Marcus, who just cracked a grin.
"Hey, it was these kids who convinced me I should return to that ring," he said.
"Yes, you had a grand old time showing them the footage of your old matches,"
Tiffany replied, "but I think there's more to it than that."
Marcus sighs.
"You know me too well," he said. "I don't think I ever lost the love for being in that ring. I missed it a lot more than I expected. Deep down, I wanted to go back. I just wasn't ever sure where to go. It wasn't until I happened to run across Twitter and found Dan Ryan talking it up there."
"I never knew you and Dan to be friends," Tiffany said.
"Acquaintances would be more like it," Marcus replied. "But what can I say... curiosity got the best of me, I just figured I do a random search, and there he was, talking about the CSWA coming back."
"That place? The one that Merritt and Thomas run?"
"Used to run," Marcus said. "Somebody else took it over. Figured if the CSWA was getting a fresh start, it would be the best place to make my return."
He embraces his wife.
"Besides, there's going to be some familiar faces there. Could be a time to revive some old rivalries... maybe some new ones are waiting. And a chance to see if I've still got what it takes."
A sigh. "And I figure I owe it to Chad Dupree, God rest his soul. I had my differences with him several times, but if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be where I'm at today."
"You still miss him, don't you?"
Marcus nods. "Like I said, you know me too well."
They share a quick kiss. Marcus then steps back.
"I'm glad you understand why I want to go back," he said. "I know we settled down and are living a good life... you with your work as a teacher, mine as an electrician... but what are you gonna do when you get that itch again? Especially when two kids are asking you all the time about it. 'Will you ever get back in the ring, Daddy?' The question just never stopped coming."
Tiffany just smiled. "Well, you know the kids will be watching you. To think, they'll finally get a chance to see Daddy do what he loves to do, live on TV, instead of just pulling out a DVD from the files."
"Yeah, they'll get a kick out of it, I'm sure," Marcus replied. "I just hope they know what to expect. Wrestling is a world where you never know what to expect."
Tiffany gave a quick embrace to her husband. "Oh, I know what to expect... that you're gonna do just fine. And that you won't be just spending your time reminscing any more."
She turned to leave the room, but then stopped and turned back with a smile.
"But in the meantime, you better make sure those tights of yours still fit."
Tiffany left as Marcus cracked another grin. Making sure those tights fit is something that definitely comes with wanting to return to the ring.

Team VIAGRA vs. Boogie Smallz and a Mystery Partner

BB: Marcus Johnson makes his return to wrestling here in the CSWA very soon!  Joey, you knew Marcus both here and elsewhere...

JM: I did?  Bill, I've beat some many people over the years, you can't possibly expect me to keep track of them all.

BB: I don't know that you ever... never mind.  Now this next match is full of intrigue and suspense, all of the ingredients needed for a mat classic.

JM: Don’t get it twisted, Buckley. What does Boogie Smallz know about mat wrestling? This match does have those ingredients…but the final product, I can assure you, will be more of a knockdown drag out affair between these two teams. And I only know of 3 of the participants involved.

BB: I stand corrected. I do know for a fact that this is the second match in a row where Team VIAGRA has no idea who or what they will be facing. As a former competitor, how does that mess with your psyche for a match?

JM: Well, if you are at the top of your game like I always was…it doesn’t matter. You stick to your game plan and hope for the best. At least Harmen and Davis have seen Boogie Smallz in action prior to this match…so they’ve gotten the opportunity to see what he is about. As for his partner, well…that’s the wildcard. He could be a high flying mat technician or a giant brawler. That could throw a wrench into whatever strategy Team VIAGRA will try to incorporate into the match.

BB: Team VIAGRA has faced a lot of excellent teams in their career. They’ve held a lot of championship gold along the way. But don’t discount Boogie and whoever his partner might be. Boogie is a former two-time CSWA Unified Tag Team Champion and has gone up against a lot of stiff competition through the years. This match should be a good one.

JM: Should be, but it could be a disaster. You never know, I might step in and partner with Boogie to give it one last go. Can you picture it? Melton and Smallz going into the tag team tournament for all the marbles, winning the straps, successfully defending them three times, and then both of us getting a shot at the UNIFIED World champion. My blood is pumping up just thinking about it! But nothing like a dose of VIAGRA would get my blood pumping, if you catch my drift. I just popped one, and Buckley, you are looking hot. Come here and plant one on me.

BB: You're disgusting. Let’s go to the ring announcer!

(CUEUP: “Jizz In My Pants” by Lonely Island. Tony Davis and Jack Harmen step onto the stage before walking down the ramp to the ring, accompanied by Mary-Lynn Mayweather.)

RA: Approaching the ring, at a combined weight of 480 pounds, here are JACK HARMEN and TONY DAVIS….TEAM VIAGRA!

(Team VIAGRA enter the ring and stretch on the ring ropes as they soak in the cheers from the crowd.)

(CUEUP: “Black Superman” by Above The Law. Boogie Smallz steps onto the stage to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He walks down the ramp and to the ring.)

RA: And one-half of their opponents this evening. Standing 6 feet 9 inches and weighing in at 300 pounds. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York…here is BOOGIE SMALLZ!

(Boogie steps into the ring and Team VIAGRA step onto the arena floor to discuss strategy as Smallz asks for the microphone to address the audience.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Ya know, it was just about 15 years ago that I stepped foot for the first time in the CSWA, as an 18 year old kid who had his life in front of him. In that time, I saw a lot of things happen, a lot of changes, but regardless of those changes…ONE THING was a constant in this company…ME! (Pauses.) Sure, I went out of the CSWA and had a tremendous amount of success workin’ for other companies, but somethin’ ALWAYS brought me back here.

So when I heard the announcement of the CSWA opening its doors once again, much like the Godfather…once I get out…they pull me back in! And even though I wasn’t booked for Blue Moon, I knew I wanted to be on the very next show to kick things off because a CSWA without Boogie Smallz is like Christmas without Santa…something’s off. It doesn’t have that certain intangible that it needs for it to be a success. In a lot of ways, I feel like the heart and soul of this organization.

(Smallz is giving an emotional filled speech and the fans are cheering him on for his words.)

JM (V/O): Is he full of himself or what?

BB (V/O): Let him finish, maybe he is going somewhere with this.

JM (V/O): Wherever he is going, he needs to hurry it up and introduce his partner. This is taking forever.

SMALLZ : But enough of me and my trip down memory lane. Are you fans ready to find out who my tag team partner is tonight?

(The crowd cheers in response.)

SMALLZ: Let me just say, I couldn’t have been the success I have been in my career without him. For years we traveled the road together, went overseas, we are almost like brothers. And I couldn’t come back here to the CSWA without him joinin’ me.

(CUEUP: “Bonfire” by Childish Gambino. The lights in the arena cut off and after a few seconds a spotlight shines onto the stage to reveal…)

BB: INFERNO ICE! Ice is back! Boogie’s former tag team partner is in the building! The HIP HOP EXPRESS is back! This crowd loves every minute of it!

JM: I liked them better as the Disco Express. Boogie Man and Disco Inferno tore things up against some of the classic CSWA teams. And now reunited to face a new generation of foes.

BB: The last time I saw Inferno, he was wrestling for Las Vegas Wrestling. A show that was once televised on ESEN and he was going by his real name, “Inferno” Carmine Esposito.

JM: I vaguely remember that.

(The lights in the arena cut on and Inferno makes his way down the ramp, but Boogie gives the hand sign for his to wait on the ramp. The music stops and Smallz begins to speak.)

SMALLZ: (Smiling.) Man…you have been there for me through thick and thin, ride or die.

(The audience is chanting “H-H-E” for the reuniting of the Hip Hop Express.)

SMALLZ: (Boogie stops smiling and his facial expression changes to an evil scowl.) But you decided to call it quits at the height of our tag team success. You decided to move on and try to raise a kid with some ring rat. And how did that turn out for you, Carmine? How did things work out for you with that decision?

(CUTTO Inferno Ice standing on the ramp looking confused at Boogie’s remarks.)

BS: I tried to convince you to come back. I did all I could to keep us together as a team when we still had some momentum. But you turned your back on me! You didn’t think about me, you only thought about yourself! So from here on out, I’m takin’ the same route with you.

(CUTTO: Inferno on the ramp mouthing to Boogie “what’s this all about.” Boogie runs his hand across his neck in a cut-throat motion. A man charges onto the ramp and attacks Inferno Ice from behind.)

BB: What’s this all about? Who is that?

JM: Something tells me that THAT is Boogie’s new partner. How did he get Denzel Washington to tag with him?

BB: That’s not, Denzel. It’s MALCOLM JOSEPH-JONES! A recent signee to the CSWA and he is putting a beat down on Inferno Ice. Boogie now steps out of the ring and onto the floor, where the melee between Joseph-Jones and Inferno has ended up.

(Boogie taps Joseph-Jones on the shoulder and he lets up on his kicks to Inferno. Smallz still has the microphone in his hand.)

SMALLZ: Inferno, you are the last link to my past. A past I turned my back on when you left. A past that I must erase in order to go on with my future in the CSWA. You are dead to me!

(Smallz begins stomping on Inferno Ice and Malcolm Joseph-Jones joins into the ruckus. Referees and EMT’s hit the scene to try and help Inferno Ice, but the damage has been done. Boogie and Malcolm step into the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd.)

SMALLZ: I’m a new man, I have a new lease on life, and that Boogie of old is dead and gone. My new partner and I have a plan. We want those Unified World tag team titles and will stop at nothin’ to achieve our goal. Ladies and gentlemen, the URBAN LEGENDS are here to serve notice to ANY AND ALL wrestlers in the CSWA! Tonight, MJ2 and myself make an example out of Team VIAGRA…and give them a taste of what they will be facin’ when the tournament for the tag titles starts up! BELIEVE ‘DAT!

(Boogie drops the mic and the Urban Legends turn their attention to Team VIAGRA with an intense staredown before the bell rings to start the match.)

JM: HOLY ****! I didn’t see that coming! I take back all the stuff I said about Boogie…he means business!

BB: And what about his new partner, Malcolm Joseph-Jones? The man is a genetic freak! I just got some background information on the man and even though he is a rookie in wrestling, the man has tremendous credentials! A four sport star at Millsaps College, he broke school records and established himself as one of the greatest athletes to ever step foot out of the state of Mississippi!

JM: Ronnie Milsap has his own college? Is it a school for the blind?

BB: Team VIAGRA high fives each other and it looks like Tony Davis is going to start things off against Malcolm Joseph-Jones.

JM: I have seen this kid, MJ2, in action before. I keep tabs on my old tag partner, Cameron Cruise. Cruise just had a match in EPW against this youngster and Malcolm gave him a beating! This just goes to show, Cruise is nothing without me.

BB: Davis and Joseph-Jones start up with a collar and elbow tie up. Davis shifting to try and get leverage, but Malcolm isn’t having any of it. He powers Davis into the corner and the referee applies the count to release the hold. MJ2 does so, but then immediately fires off a clubbing blow to Tony!

JM: Davis ducked out of it and catches a stunned MJ2 with some rapid fire left and right punches. Malcolm now slouched in the corner and Davis climbs up to the second rope executing a MONKEY FLIP to MJ2 and flipping him into the center of the ring!

BB: But MJ2 is quick to his feet and appears a bit angered over what just occurred. Malcolm rolls his neck to shake off whatever impact may have occurred and is ready to lockup with Davis again.

JM: They lockup and Davis is able to counter it and get Joseph-Jones in a side headlock. Tony Davis is really wringing it in to attempt to wear down his opponent. This scenario reminds me of a hooker in Thailand that did that to me while her friend shot ping-pong balls at my face. And since this is a family show, I wont go into all the details of where those ping-pong balls were being shot out of…but after all the fun, she smoked a cigarette and didn’t use the lips on her face to pull off a drag, if you catch my drift.

BB: Wait…I’m trying to picture this and…OH! Well that’s a bit disturbing.

JM: Well if that bothers you, I won’t tell you about what happened in between those parlor tricks. Shoutout to Sui Ying and Xoul Lu…I miss you two ladies. At least, I think they were ladies.

BB: Back to the action! MJ2 is fighting the headlock and pushes Davis off towards the ropes. Tony bounces off and is hit with a HUGE back body drop my MJ2. Malcolm now Davis looks to be in pain and Malcolm slaps on a rear chinlock.

JM: Davis is trying to fight through it and Malcolm plants his knee into his back and stretches out Tony’s arms.

BB: MJ2 now releasing the hold and tags in Smallz. Boogie lifts Davis to his feet and whips him into the ropes, Tony bounces off and Boogie with a BIG BOOT! NO! Davis ducks it and nails Boogie with a dropkick as he turns around. Davis makes the tag to Jack Harmen.

JM: Harmen seizes the opportunity as Boogie is trying to get to his feet and nails him with a bulldog! Jack is now jawing with MJ2, who is in the corner, Malcolm takes exception and steps through the ropes, but the referee is holding him back.

BB: Team VIAGRA now taking advantage of the situation and Tony Davis sneaks in behind the ref’s back. They whip Boogie into the ropes and DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE Smallz…who hits the mat hard. Boogie tries to stand up, but Harmen takes the dazed Smallz and places his throat in the middle of the second rope and holds up his feet.

JM: Davis hits the rope and leapfrogs over Harmen, crashing down onto Boogie!

BB: Harmen releases the legs of Smallz and steps onto the apron. Davis stays in the ring and goes for the pin as the ref turns around as Harmen exits the ring.



NO! Boogie kicks out of the predicament!

JM: They never tagged and the ref is unaware of it. This is some tomfoolery running amuck here!

BB: I think it’s a sign of good tag team wrestling. The fluidity of Team VIAGRA just shines through. You can tell that this team has been tagging for a long time.

JM: Davis gets Boogie to his feet…and nails him with a swinging neckbreaker.

BB: Jack isn’t letting up on his assault on Smallz. The Urban Legends appear to be a monster tag team on paper, but I think they need to work on some of the nuances of tag team wrestling before they strike it big.

JM: But Boogie spent most of his career in a tag team, so he has a lot of experience in that department. I wouldn’t discount the Urban Legends just yet. For all we know, they have been training together for months anticipating this moment.

BB: That’s a fair assessment, maybe I should withhold judgment until we see what this team is made up. But someone not withholding judgment in this match is Tony Davis, who is mounting a ton of offense on Smallz.

JM: Davis has Boogie in a belly to back position…he is going to try and suplex the big man…but its not working. 

BB: Boogie starts drilling Davis in the face with elbows, trying to get out of the hold. Harmen runs in to try to help out his partner, but the ref steps in and stops him from doing anything.

JM: The ref is finally taking notice and is laying down the law. Good for him. Team VIAGRA shouldn’t get any special treatment.

BB: Smallz now has Davis wobbly from those elbow shots. He locks Tony into an abdominal stretch and tags in MJ2. Malcolm punches Davis in the gut a few times and the referee turns around as Boogie releases the hold and steps onto the apron. Joseph-Jones whips Davis into the ropes and rips his head off with a vicious clothesline!

JM: That had to hurt. Davis was almost decapitated with that devastating maneuver! MJ2 wastes no time and lefts Davis to his feet….German suplex executed to perfection!

BB: MJ2 holds on to Tony and drops him with another German suplex. Rolls into it again…and a THIRD German suplex. Malcolm with the cover now…



NO! Harmen rushes in to save his partner and break up the count. As the referee pulls Harmen away and back to his corner…Boogie runs in and lifts Davis up by the throat….CHOKESLAM!

JM: Joseph-Jones and Smallz now double teaming on Tony Davis. MJ2 has Davis and lifts him up for a piledriver! SPIKED PILEDRIVER by the Urban Legends!

BB: MJ2 spots the referee turning around to the action and runs interference with him to keep him occupied as he starts jawing with Harmen.

JM: Boogie lifts Davis to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Smallz hunches over for a back body drop, but Davis uses his momentum and catches Boogie in a sunset flip!

BB: But no ref to make the count and Boogie isn’t the legal man.

JM: Davis with a sudden burst of energy go over to the corner where the referee is between MJ2 and Harmen. He seemed as if he was dead to rights and now has his wits about him. What a quick recovery!

BB: Boogie sneaks up behind Davis and nails him with a running knee into his back. Tony falls to the mat and Jack Harmen is fed up! Harmen bypasses the referee and turns his attention to Boogie while the referee is dealing with MJ2.

JM: The ref better maintain some order in this match before things get out of hand.

BB: Harmen unleashes a flurry of punches to Boogie and has him in a daze up against the ropes. Harmen hits the opposite side and clotheslines Boogie out of the ring and to the floor!

JM: Harmen now bouncing off the ropes, maybe he is going for a plancha here?

BB: And Davis stops him. What’s that about?

JM: Davis seems to be explaining things to Harmen. I took some basic sign language courses, Davis is motioning to Harmen that he wants to dive onto Boogie.

BB: And while they debate this, Boogie has had a brief moment to recover on the floor.

JM: Team VIAGRA has worked it out…Davis now hitting the ropes on the opposite side…PLANCHA ONTO BOOGIE!

BB: SMALLZ CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR! The look on the face of Davis says it all. Maybe that momentary pause on the attack on Boogie was a bad idea.

JM: Oh, it absolutely was. If Harmen would’ve just hit the move at that moment and not been stopped, we would be talking about that well oiled machine that is Team VIAGRA and the devastating offense displayed by Harmen.

BB: Instead Boogie takes Tony Davis and hits him with a…RUNNING POWERSLAM ON THE ARENA FLOOR!

JM: Davis must be a glory hog or jealous of Harmen’s success. Maybe I am just trying to drive a wedge between this team…I have my reasons.

BB: I think you might be on to something. Nevertheless, MJ2 is in the ring and has concluded his discuss with the ref. Harmen turns around and gets SPEARED by MJ2!

JM: And at this point, the ref doesn’t remember who is legal…hell, I don’t remember either!

BB: Smallz on the outside tosses Davis into the ring and rolls in as well. MJ2 and Harmen are exchanging shots and rolling around on the mat.

JM: This match has gotten out of hand. Everyone is in the ring at this point and we have no order.

BB: The referee is holds his hands up in confusion…he doesn’t know what is going on.

JM: Boogie is working over Davis with some knees to the midsection over in one corner. Harmen and MJ2 are slugging it out in another corner. It’s PURE CHAOS! PANDEMONIUM WITH A CAPITAL P, BABY!

BB: Are you stealing lines from Dick Vitale?

JM: It’s college basketball season, maybe I was inadvertently influenced?

BB: The ref has had enough…he is calling for the bell!

(The referee is outside of the ring speaking with the ring announcer on his decision, while the two teams are still battling it out in the ring. The timekeeper is ringing the bell in an attempt to restore some order, but it has no effect on the action in the ring.)

(SFX: Ding…ding…ding. Ding…ding…ding.)

BB: The ring announcer is ready to tell everyone the official ruling.

RA: The referee for this match has ruled this bout as a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION!

JM: Whoa…shocker!

BB: And I am receiving word from the back that these teams will face off again coming up on PRIMETIME in the first round of the tournament to crown new Unified Tag Team Champions!

JM: With all that being on the line for the next match between these teams, maybe things won’t get so out of control.

BB: If they want to advance, it better. While these two teams battle it outside of the ring and work their way to the back, we’ll take a quick break! Stay tuned!

(The show goes to commercial as Team VIAGRA and the Urban Legends continue to brawl on the ramp.)


The CSWA Goes Hollywood

(FADEIN: To the underhalls of Cricket Arena where CSWA reporter JOHN SIMONS, making time down a long, putty-colored hallway, and emptying out into a motorpool area, where an idling stretch limo sits with the vanity plate reading  “OXONIAN” on the back.)

SIMONS (huffing & puffing) CSWA fans – John Simons here – and I’m trying to get a word with wrestling enigma, and the man who just stuck his nose in a MAJOR happenstance between current CSWA UNIFIED Heavyweight Champion ‘Ego Buster’ Dan Ryan and the Epitome Troy Windham! We all know that Blaine Hollywood is NOT a face traditionally seen in CSWA, but it’s this reporters’ view that Blaine is here to get himself inserted into the very TIPPY-TOP of the main event, and QUICKLY!

(Simon spies movement and cuts a wide right towards the limo as we see a trenchcoat and suit-wearing BLAINE HOLLYWOOD trying to get into the limo, via aid of his chauffeur. He sees the reporter, sighs and makes a hand gesture to the driver to hurry-up with the door.)

HOLLYWOOD: Come ON you churl, get the door open so I can exit this place!

SIMONS: Blaine! Blaine Hollywood! John Simons here – wanted to get a word with you about your intentions in CSWA!

HOLLYWOOD: (Scanning the guy up and down) Your suit. How much did it cost?

SIMONS: Uh… I dunno, they gave this to me… (H’WOOD snatches SIMONS up by the coat and grabs his wrist, staring at it!)

HOLLYWOOD: This label, the one sewn onto your sleeve that says “Men’s Warehouse?” You’re supposed to TAKE THAT OFF.

SIMONS: (Rubbing his wrist, embarrassed) Yeah… well, I think I have to share it.

HOLLYWOOD: Figures. Listen to my voice, as it is GOSPEL, you pissant! Blaine Hollywood is a global SUPERSTAR, and I do whatever I want, WHEN I want. It would BEHOOOOOOVE YOU to remember that before you address someone of my caste without knowing your place. (Dipping into the back seat) I will address any and all speculations – what exactly my GOAL is here… at the show you call… PRIMETIME. Before then, you get NOTHING! (Slams the door, blowing SIMONS’ hair back!)

SIMONS: But! But what about attacking Dan Ry—

(Window rolls down silently, showing H’WOODS profile)

HOLLYWOOD: Be happy that I am not attacking YOU where you stand. AWAY FROM ME – I will say no more! Driver – ENGAGE!

(Suddenly the limo lurches forward, and peels off, leaving SIMONS in a cloud of exhaust, coughing and waving his hand in front of his face. FADE TO BLACK.)


Cruisin' Old School

BB: Fans, you just saw my colleague John Simons try and get a response from Blaine Hollywood. Since the CSWA's return at BLUE MOON, the world has been asking why...

JM:  Let's be honest, Bill, the question isn't why.  Blaine Hollywood sees an opening and he wants to take it.  The CSWA is back, the UNIFIED Championship is back up for grabs, and Blaine stepped right into the spotlight by knocking up against two men he knows are seen as the pinnacle of the CSWA.  He's run into them elsewhere, and he believes he can take them down.

BB:  But to go after them the way he did?

JM:  Go back a decade, Bill, and look at how Dan Ryan made his name in the CSWA.  He went right after the World Champion at the time and he did it with no respect for history, rules or anyone that was in his way. 

BB:  Good point.  And from a CSWA newcomer we go to two of the ultimate CSWA veterans.  Our next match pits one of the original CSWAers against a man who was one of the "new generation" when the CSWA went global in 1998.  Earlier tonight our own Rudy Seitzer got a minute with the CSWA's last Presidential Champion Cameron Cruise as he prepares for a match against former UNIFIED Champion Mark Windham.

SEITZER: Hello again, fans I'm Rudy Seitzer backstage and standing outside the lockeroom door of the former Two-time CSWA Presidential Champion, and Veteran....

(Outside the locker Room steps Cameron Cruise, his hair slicked back and dressed in black slacks and a black sports coat with a white undershirt.)

RS: Cameron Cruise...

CRUISE: Rudy Seitzer! And how are you??

RS: I'm doing well, as of late, but I was about to ask you the same thing...

CC: Better than ever, Rudy.

RS: Recent announcements differ, Cameron, the word backstage is that it was your plan all along to take on the man you're going to face shortly here tonight, one Mark Windham. Is that true??

CC: Why wouldn't it be, Rudy?? Because he's "The Lost Soul"? I mean, the fact is that no one gets anywhere without demanding things anymore; don't get me wrong, I've proved my worth so many times that owners and Commissioners around the world have NO CHOICE but to present me with the opportunities of becoming a Champion or earning accolades that no one else is able to accomplish....but it's about living in "the now", is it not?? And since this is 2013, what better way to get people to turn heads than to challenge a legend that nearly no one else will?? What way will prove to the upper management that I'm ready to take my place among those whose held the most prestigious title in this company, than to defeat a man that to this day STILL can put a man in the hospital in a manner of SECONDS?? I've taken Mike Randalls to the limit, and I've beaten Joey Melton....but the man I characterize as the man to beat right now, isn't either of them, it's not even Dan Ryan, Hornet or Mark Vizzack or The Deacon.

Mark Windham.

You've had some legendary battles with some legendary men, but the fact is that all these years, you STILL haven't faced a man like me, one that will push you to your limits and drive you to your inner core of insanity when you figure out that facing me is not a cake walk.

I know you don't believe me, which is fine.

Try me.


Before you do so though, as far as you should already know, trying to prove me wrong is a horrible REALITY CHECK that you just...won'

(Cruise stares back at the camera for a second before Rudy looks back at the camera)

RS: Sending it back to you, Bill!


Cameron Cruise vs. Mark Windham

BB: This one’s going to be a treat. Joey, our next match involves two men you're QUITE familiar with. One is your former tag team partner and the last man you beat in a wrestling ring, Cameron Cruise, against, was it the FIRST person you beat in the ring in the CSWA?

JM: Mark Windham and I tore the house down as the opening match to CSWA way back in 1988. And of course, I won.

BB: And went on to become the first CSWA World Champion. Mark is coming back as a favor to the CSWA brass, and to be honest, it'd be hard to call this place CSWA without the Lost Soul.

JM: When did we stop calling him a psycho?  And hey! What about me! Or why not bring back Beauford “Dark Knight” Parsons?  He was there too. If this is CSWA as usual, I'm sure Hornet somehow appears and wins this match.

(CUEUP: "Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine plays over the PA system welcoming an EPW Grand Slam Champion, the Crippler, Cameron Cruise. Cameron makes his way to the ring with much showmanship. He even nods over to Melton as he makes his way into the ring.)

BB: Cameron Cruise had a stellar 2012, marking himself as a World Heavyweight Champion once again. Maybe he can translate that success back to the CSWA?

JM: Wouldn't ever count the Crippler out. Cameron is a fighter. Why else would I have let him under my wing?

(CUEUP: "Pretending" by HIM. If the reaction to Cruise was arena shattering, the reaction to one of the CSWA originals, the “Lost Soul” Mark Windham would shatter satellites, globes, planets and galaxies. Mark Windham stepped out from the backstage and let out a smile to the cheering public.)

BB: I've got goosebumps Joey.

JM: Funny. My hair's standing up too. I expect Windham to walk over and pop me in my face. And you know that's how I make my money these days BB.

(Windham slaps the fan's hands and climbs inside. The official finishes checking Cruise and goes over to Windham. After a bit, Cruise steps to Windham who prepares for attack. Cruise extends his hand to the CSWA original. We get a rare grin from Mark, but he doesn’t extend his hand. Cruise simply shrugs.)

BB: You know Cruise is only five years older than Windham, yet Mark Windham's career supernova'd years ago in the CSWA long before Cruise was a household name.

JM: You're welcome Cam.

BB: But Cruise has shown he has staying power with his success in the CSWA and then elsewhere. We haven’t seen Mark Windham in a ring in… well, I don’t know how long.

(The bell rings. The two circle one another. Cruise fakes for a leg take down but Windham doesn't even flinch. Cruise backs up, cautious.)

BB: One false move and Mark Windham will make you pay.

JM: He's good. Great even. But he's no Joey Melton.

(Collar and elbow. Windham wins the exchange with a side headlock. Cruise backs him into the ropes but Windham holds on and wrenches the hold in further. Cruise falls to a knee for leverage, but Mark stands his ground. Cruise with a few shots to Mark’s ribs and legs before slipping free into a rear waist lock. Doesn’t last long as Windham reverses it. Lifts Cruise, and takes him down to the mats before floating over into a front face lock.)

BB: You don’t normally see someone wrestling circles around Cameron Cruise.

JM: Except the great Joey Melton.

BB: Except Joey Melton.

JM: Hey! The GREAT Joey Melton.

(Cruise fights to his feet, but Windham with a hard forearm sends Cruise back to his knees. Windham with a DDT, only gets two. Windham covers again, placing his forearm across Cruise’s cheek and shoving his face into the mat. Two count only. Windham lets go, leans in to grab Cruise.)

BB: ROLL UP! Cruise gets two, and Windham up, DUCKS underneath a charging Cruise clothesline!

JM: Cruise off, dropkick SWATTED away! And Windham’s right back on top with a rear waist lock. Cruise searching for position, I don’t think he’s gonna find leverage. Mostly because that show’s been cancelled. Just when Troy Windham gets a decent acting gig too.

BB: Joey!

(Cruise scrambles on the mat, trying to twist and turn his body free. Windham lets him, then POUNCES with a huge belly to back suplex. Cruise rolls out of the ring to shake the cobwebs. Windham lunges as if he’s gonna dive, but it’s a fake out that works surprisingly well on Cameron.)

JM: Ha! Maybe if this was a decade ago.

BB: Or two.

JM: There’s one thing in this world I’m certain, the most high flying we’re going to get out of Mark Windham these days is a double axehandle to the face.

(Cruise climbs onto the apron after collecting himself. Windham lets him in, and rubs his hands together. Collar and elbow. Cruise gets the advantage with a side headlock and tosses his hand in the air in victory. Mark lifts Cruise and nails a belly to back suplex on the shocked Cruise.)

BB: You can’t let your guard down against Windham.

JM: Come at the king, you best not miss.

BB: Windham is king?

JM: Now that I’m gone, sure. He can be king. I still say Hornet’s winning this one somehow.

(Windham gets two on Cruise before locking in a chin lock. Cruise looks to be fading after a few moments, before getting a second wind. Cruise fights to his feet, and then drops Windham down with a jawbreaker. Windham stumbles, Cruise charges and EATS a stiff lariat. Windham gets two.)

BB: It seems every time Cruise gets an advantage, hits Windham with something strong, Mark’s right there to counter and regain the advantage.

JM: Cruise is sometimes… what’s the word… emotional? I can tell Mark Windham is frustrating him. And that’s not the first opponent Windham has frustrated. I can tell you from personal experience, standing across the ring from Windham as he counters and counters everything really makes you want to punch a small baby.

BB: I’m not going to ask the obvious follow-up to that one.

(Windham lifts Cruise, small package from Cruise gets two. Windham up, Cruise ducks another lariot and then dropkicks Windham’s knees, taking him off his feet. Then Cruise drops a double axehandle to Windham’s perennially injured shoulder, before locking in an arm bar. He tries to turn it over into a triangle choke but Windham falls into the middle ropes, breaking the hold.)

BB: Cruise looking to target that oft injured shoulder.

(As Windham hugs the middle rope, Cruise slips out of the ring, grabs Windham’s arm, and snaps his shoulder down onto the middle rope. Windham falls back howling in pain. Cruise back in, a couple stiff kicks to Windham’s shoulder as Mark tries to roll away. Cruise on top, extends Mark’s arm and drops his knees onto his bad shoulder. He stays on top, applying pressure  and torqueing the shoulder.)

JM: Cruise has a game plan and I can’t say I blame him. To beat Mark Windham, you’ve got to do something special or dastardly. I think Cameron has intentions of both.

(Cruise back to his feet, and DROPS his knees onto Windham’s shoulder again. AND AGAIN. And a THIRD TIME whiffs as Mark’s able to pull his hand back into his stomach. Cruise winces, clutching his knees as both men fight to their feet. Cruise with a punch Mark tries to block with his bad shoulder. Cruise continues assaulting Mark on that side, before taking him to the ropes and SHOOTING him off the ropes. But NO! Cruise holds onto Mark’s wrist, whiplashing his shoulder and taking the CSWA legend back down to the mat. Leg drop, roll over into a cover for a two count. Cruise stays on top, this time putting pressure on Mark’s good shoulder so he has to use his bad one to kick out at two. Mark leans forward, and HEADBUTTS Cruise.)

BB: Windham’s got to get some space between him and Cruise so he can tend to that shoulder, make sure that he’s not receiving permanent damage from the Crippler.

JM: There’s a reason they call him that, and we’re seeing Cruise at his smartest.

(Windham to his feet as Cruise clutches his eye socket. Cruise charges to stay on top, arm drag by Windham with his good arm! Cruise backs into the corner as he recovers, and Windham with a BIG splash, into a bulldog. Windham rolls Cruise over, but painfully puts pressure on his shoulder as he does. Cruise kicks out at two and rolls immediately onto his stomach. Windham rolls him back over, wincing as he does and gets another two. Cruise again onto his back, as Windham hooks him in a rear waist lock. Windham tries to pull Cruise to his feet but Cameron slips out, his grip not what it used to be. Cruise rolls forward, turns, and drop toe hold’s a charging Mark Windham before floating back over to put pressure on Windham’s shoulder by extending his arm and placing his entire body weight on Mark’s shoulder.)

BB: Cameron Cruise in control of this match… we’ve got to go to commercial break. We’ll be back with the rest of the action!

JM: Buy our T-shirts! Especially mine!

(FADE OUT as Cameron Cruise puts more pressure on Windham’s shoulder, Mark’s leg kicking at the canvas as he does.)

(VERSUS cuts to a quick commercial break, including a quick hype spot for the season debut of CSWA PRIMETIME on ESEN in two weeks, featuring more first round matches for the Unified Tag Team Titles. We also see a commercial for the “next big thing in kitchen appliances and bedroom toys” with Troy Windham as spokesman?)

(FADE IN: Cameron Cruise is off the ropes, and Windham hits a BIG back body drop.)

BB: Folks, Mark Windham has turned this thing around in the last few moments, and is really taking it to Cruise. Now, BIG spinebuster!

JM: Only just happened. Cruise was putting more and more attacks on Mark’s injured shoulder until he made a careless miscalculation. And now Windham’s making him pay for it. DDT by Windham.

(With his good shoulder, Windham WRAPS the palm of his hand around Cruise’s face.)

BB: The Iron Claw! Mark Windham is lifting Cameron Cruise up by his FACE with the Iron Claw!

JM: See, that’s exactly why I retired. I don’t want that happening to me anymore. It’s like he sucks part of your brain out with his fingers. Like he’s an alien… a big, dumb Texas alien.  Like Jerry Jones but bigger.

(Cruise is lifted to his feet, and then Windham lifts him onto his SHOULDERS.)


JM: --TO WEASEL OUT OF IT LIKE A WEASEL! Cruise from behind, grabs a stunned Windham who’s wincing in pain. REALITY CHECK! CAMERON CRUISE HAS GIVEN MARK WINDHAM A REALITY CHECK!

BB: Out of NOWHERE! And Cruise, rolls Windham up! He’s putting all that pressure on Windham’s good shoulder, so he has to use his bad to kick out, and Mark Windham can NOT!  ONE!  TWO!..... THREE!

(SFX: DING. DING. DING. “Killing in the Name of” by RATM starts back up. Cameron Cruise stands to his feet in seeming disbelief. His hand is raised, as Windham rolls onto his stomach, clutching his shoulder.)

BB: Cruise caused enough damage to Windham’s shoulder that he was able to slip out of the Torture Rack. And from that position, it was academic for Cruise to try for the Reality Check.

JM: It wasn’t a matter of Mark Windham being unprepared for Cruise’s patented maneuver, he just had no defense since Cruise took away an entire side of Mark’s body. Very smart gameplan by the Crippler. It’s the only way you beat a veteran like Mark Windham.

(Mark Windham pushes himself to his feet, grimacing in pain. His nose trickles a small trail of blood as he braces his shoulder with his good hand. Cameron Cruise climbs the turnbuckles and throws his arms high in the air in celebration.)

BB: The fans are on their feet, I don’t know if they’re cheering on Cameron Cruise and his patented gameplan, or giving their respect to a CSWA original!

JM: A little bit of both no doubt.

(Cruise hops off the turnbuckle and turns. Mark Windham stands before him, stareing him down.)

BB: I sense tension in the air.

JM: That’s just Justin Voss trying to get Scott Riktor in a bear suit backstage.

(Mark Windham extends his good hand out to Cruise. Cameron takes a step back, worried.)

JM: Cameron wondering what Mark’s intentions are. I know Cameron has done the handshake – pull in clothesline maneuver too many times to fall for it. But it’s usually a hug, and it’s usually with Troy or Timmy, his brothers-cousins-whatever the hell they are in that messed up family. It’s like the Parsons family all over again.

(Cruise nods, and tentatively extends his hand. Windham takes it, and they grip.)

BB: Two consummate professionals. Could Cameron Cruise be the next Mark Windham?

JM: C’mon Buckley, Cameron already IS Cameron Cruise. There are guys in the back that aspire to be him, and tonight only solidified that further.

(Mark Windham grabs Cruise’s hand and raises it. Windham winces, having raised Cameron’s hand with his bad shoulder. Cameron walks to Windham’s good side, and raises Windham’s good arm to cheers.)

BB: Let’s head backstage for what no doubt is the end of the Scott Riktor / Justin Voss partnership, or the end of sanity as we know it.


The UNIFIED Champ Speaks

(CUTTO: Backstage. Dan Ryan, the CSWA UNIFIED World Champion is standing before a CSWA banner with "Versus" across it in a repeating diagonal pattern]

"As if there was any doubt, at Blue Moon I reminded everyone why I'm the best wrestler in the world. Naturally, it wouldn't be the CSWA if there wasn't someone else in the building desperate for attention."

"That night, Blaine Hollywood, it was you."

"I've got plenty to say about it, but not here. Not tonight. At PRIMETIME, you've said you're gonna talk about what happened at the end of that match."

"I suggest you prepare yourself for a special guest, because I'm gonna be in the building, I'll have the CHAMPIONSHIP around my waist, and we'll see if you're as brave as you think you are when I'm staring you right in the eyes and not turned around with my back to you."

"PRIMETIME, Blaine."

"It's time you got the message -- you don't run this. This isn't 2003 and I'm not just trying to fit in. I'm the UNIFIED CHAMPION, and you just bit off more than you can chew."



Unified Tag Tournament Opening Match: North Carolina Bear Project vs. Aerial Express

(FADE-IN: AERIAL EXPRESS, BOBBY BARNES and LUKE CONTOS, are standing in their corner as their music fades out. They’re playing to the fans as “TEDDY BEAR’S PICNIC” plays it’s opening bars before the sound of the needle scratching and being replaced by “CIRCLES” by Incubus over the announce system. Emerging from the back is the NORTH CAROLINA BEAR PROJECT, SCOTT RIKTOR and JUSTIN VOSS. RIKTOR just snarls as he stands on the stage, VOSS presses two fingers to his mouth, extends his patent “V”/peace sign to the crowd and blows out a plumage of smoke.)

BB: This match officially kicks off the tournament to find new CSWA Unified Tag Team Champions. The number one seeds to in this tag team are the interesting pairing of Justin Voss and Scott Riktor, the subtly named North Carolina Bear Project.

JM: These fools came out at Blue Moon hidden behind bear costumes. Who would have thought we’d EVER see Scott Riktor in a bear suit again?

BB: I can assure you that the footage of Riktor tearing that suit off on YouTube has over 1 MILLION hits. But this duo, Joey, they defeated Team VIAGRA and that’s nothing to be sneezed at. They could take this tournament out.

JM: That’s IF they get through these wily veterans of the ring, Bill. I’m sure Bobby Barnes and Luke Contos would have something to say about your little premonition. Although, let’s be honest here, these guys were last in the title picture before the CSWA went global. And if even I’ve finally retired from the ring, what the heck are they doing in there?

BB: Voss and Riktor in the ring. Contos steps to the outside. Voss wants to rock, paper, scissors for who starts – HERE COMES CONTOS WITH A DROPKICK! Riktor steps aside, shoves Voss aside, and let’s Contos’ dropkick hit turnbuckle. Fresh air, Joey.

JM: Contos thought he’d get the upper hand, Bill, but Riktor’s ring awareness is second to none.

BB: Voss to the outside, Riktor taking the reins. Pulls Contos to his feet, knife edge chop stumbles him BACK into the corner. And another. This Charlotte crowd is woo’ing like a certain wrestling God in these parts.

JM: Hornet? Oh, sorry, you were finally giving me a compliment, weren’t you?

BB: Riktor, Irish whip across the ring. Charges and BIG clothesline nearly topples Luke Contos over the top rope to the outside.

JM: MAN! That’s one way to keep a man down.

BB: A high knee, on the chin of Contos. Snapmare out of the corner and Riktor just brutalises a stiff kick RIGHT THROUGH the back of Contos’ head.

JM: Barnes takes a swing at Riktor! He just swats his fist away like a common house fly was pestering him. And yes, that may have been the first A1E reference on CSWA television.

BB: Big right-hand knocks Barnes off the apron. Riktor turns – OH MY! Big dropkick from Luke Contos sends Scott Riktor reeling into the corner. Barnes climbs – ten punch!


BB: Voss in the ring and he just SHOVES Luke Contos over the top and to the outsi—MAN ALIVE! Contos just landed on top of Bobby Barnes as he tried to get to his feet. Referee telling Voss to get out and he does just that, but in the Aerial Express corner.

JM: Did you see that? Poor old Lukey Contos just tumbled down from that corner and smashed right into the FACE of Barnes.

BB: Voss on the outside pulls Contos to his feet. Drives a knee into his belly and rolls him back inside to the awaiting clutches of Riktor. THERE’S THE COVER! ONE... TWO... Kick out on three.

JM: Close call, Bill.

BB: Riktor hauls Contos up. Scoop slams him in the center of the ring. Hits the ropes. Charging back and leg drop across the face of Contos. Gets to his feet and drops a knee into Contos’ ribs.

JM: Aerial Express’ve gotta do something more here before the North Carolina Bear Project just stride on into the next round without breaking a sweat.

BB: Voss back in his corner, clapping his hands above his head. Charlotte fans getting behind him. Riktor still inside has Contos on his feet and in a front facelock. Vertical suplex. Cover! ONE... TWO... SHOULDER UP!

JM: Riktor is a veteran inside of that ring, Bill. He’s just wearing down Contos. Drive him into the canvas. Make a cover. Wear him down. That’s ring smarts right there.

BB: Back to business is Scott Riktor and he sends Contos into the ropes. Swings with a wild clothesline but the veteran ducks under it. Leaps off the second rope and turns in the air—BIG cross body drives Riktor into the mat.

JM: Did you see that? He’s already on his feet and hitting the ropes.

BB: Contos hits the ropes and makes with the snappy leg drop right across the face of Riktor. Tags in Barnes and pulls Riktor to his feet.

JM: Here’s where their years of chemistry come in, Bill. Contos exposing Scott’s belly and Barnes nails it with a dropkick. That’s gotta hurt no matter who you are.

BB: Barnes continuing the offense. Pulls Riktor to his feet, spins behind. Atomic drop and Riktor’s BACK on the canvas. Pulls Riktor to his feet and there’s a short arm superkick right on the chin of Scott Riktor. COVER! ONE... TWO...

JM: Voss breaks it up with a fist drop on the back of Bobby Barnes’ head that’ll definitely leave a big old lump, Bill.

BB: He calls his fist drop the Ode to Moneybags, Joey.

JM: Nice touch.

BB: Riktor back on his feet first. Stomps on Barnes’ head before he pulls him up. Whips him into the ENN-CEE-BEE-Project’s corner and charges in with a clothesline. Tags in the Vossylvanian Viper. Double teaming the veteran now. Scott Riktor with the Irish Whip, but reverses it himself and sends Barnes HURTLING toward the Australian superstar. Big boot from Voss AND the cover! One... Two... Thre—NO! Shoulder up at the LAST second.

JM: I think I just saw brains explode out of Bobby Barnes’ ears, Bill.

BB: Voss on the offensive now. Pulls the smaller Barnes to his feet and European uppercuts him back to the floor. Voss into the ropes, jumps and lands with a rolling knee onto the chest of Bobby Barnes.

JM: Two hundred and seventy nine pounds of rolling force right across your chest is NOT a feeling of pleasure, I wouldn’t imagine. Barnes is gasping for air like a fish out of water.

BB: Voss takes Barnes by the head and guides him to his feet. He pulls Barnes off his feet, by the head, spinning one hundred and eighty degrees and just tosses him across the ring like a rag doll.

JM: What a display of his strength, Bill. They may be halfwits, but North Carolina Bear Project have the power.

BB: Voss whips Barnes into his own corner. Charges and flies with a butt bump right into that chest of Barnes. He’s struggling to get his breath back.

JM: Look at Voss giving Luke Contos an earful. He’s making belt gestures to the CSWA veteran.

BB: Contos swings a fist at Voss, but he catches his arm AND PULLS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A SINGLE ARM DDT!

JM: He’s just folded up Contos like a concertina.

BB: Voss whips Barnes back into his own corner and hits a big splash. Tags in Riktor and turns his attention to Luke Contos who is getting back up on his feet.

JM: Riktor is up on the turnbuckles and raining fists into the face of Bobby Barnes, Bill.

BB: On the other side of the ring, Voss lifts Contos up with a vertical suplex and brings him down forward with a leg either side of the ropes and Contos’ ability to have kids has SURELY been strained. He’s just sitting on that top rope. Voss hits the ropes – OH MAN! ODE TO MY ASSHOLE TO THE OUTSIDE! CONTOS MUST BE DEAD!

JM: That HI-YUGE running lariat near decapitated poor Luke Contos and to add insult to injury Voss drove him down to the outside and landed on top of him.

BB: Riktor’s wrapped up with Barnes and drives him hard into the canvas with a Gargoyle suplex and a cover! ONE... TWO... THREE! NO! KICKOUT!

JM: Close call for Aerial Express’ chances in this tournament, Bill.

BB: This Charlotte crowd is on the edge of its seat. Voss has made it back to his corner and Contos is looking a little worse for wears as he uses the crowd barrier to hold himself up.

JM: This North Carolina Bear Project seem to already have some sort of chemistry. These guys mightn’t have tagged together before but are BOTH accomplished tag team wrestlers in previous lives.

BB: Riktor in control. Knee lift into the belly of Barnes. Off the ropes and a big axe kick into the back of Bobby Barnes. Down he goes. Riktor into the ropes and baseball slide dropkick into the side of Bobby Barnes’ head.

JM: These Aerial Express boys better find something deep down.

BB: Riktor tags in Voss who hauls Barnes to his feet. Rope whip into the corner. Voss charges in an—BARNES LIFTS THE FEET! Voss staggers out of the corner and charges again. Barnes flips himself over the top and out of the way and Voss’ chest eats turnbuckle.

JM: This could be the turning point Aerial Express needs, Bill.

BB: Barnes shakes the cobwebs as Voss swings for fresh air. Barnes hangs him out to dry with a hangman. Barnes quick onto the apron uses the top rope for leverage and flies over with a splash on the grounded Voss. Cover! ONE... TWO... THREE! Power out by Voss.

JM: Contos is going NUTS in his corner. Slapping the turnbuckle. He wants in.

BB: Barnes heaves Voss to his feet and leads him to his corner. Applies a front facelock and tags in his partner who leaps over the top rope enthusiastically and stings Voss’ ribs with a stiff kick to the gut.

JM: Did you hear that contact? That was stiff, Bill.

BB: Contos and Barnes send Voss hurtling into the ropes. DOUBLE SUPERKICK! DOWN GOES VOSS! CONTOS WITH THE COVER! ONE... TWO... THREE! NO! RIKTOR SAVES THE DAY! He drags Contos off of Voss but doesn’t pay attention to Bobby Barnes who nails him with a dropkick that sends him toppling through the ropes to the outside.

JM: Aerial Express are on fire. Their chemistry and experience finally coming to play in this contest.

BB: Luke Contos, not letting a moment slip, climbs to the second rope. Leaps and diving elbow drop on the ground Voss’ face. That’s gotta smart. Pulls Voss to his feet and levels him into the corner with a backhand chop.

JM: Contos and Barnes may be the bottom seeds in this contest but they’re taking it to the number 1 seed here.  They believe it’s 1991 all over again!

BB: Luke Contos gets a run up. Leaps onto Voss, feet to chest and falls back. MONKEY FLIP! Voss is tossed across the ring. But he bounces up and charges at Contos. CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!

JM: Look at Contos! He’s holding onto the top rope.

BB: As Voss catches his breath, Luke Contos is dangling from the top rope. Skin the cat! He shows amazing fitness and pulls himself back into the ring. Voss has not seen but responds to the crowd’s reaction.

JM: Contos is on fire!

BB: Contos with a BIG leaping forearm smash that drives Voss into the canvas and he kips up onto his feet. He’s stomping his foot like he’s going to end this with a superkick. Voss getting to his feet.

JM: Oh the suspense is killing me!

BB: CONTOS WITH THE SUPERKICK! No! Voss just drops to the canvas to avoid it. Contos pulls Voss up, whips him into the ropes and heads to the ropes himself. Rebounds and flies with a cross body as Voss drops the shoulder for a shoulder tackle.

JM: Oh! We’ve got a collision mid-ring and both men are down, Bill.

BB: Listen to these North Carolina fans roaring their approval. Voss is down. Contos is down. Barnes is SCREAMING for the tag. Riktor is shouting at Voss. Both men crawling to their corners.

JM: Contos is gonna get their first.

BB: Contos with the tag! Barnes in! Voss makes the last second tag. Riktor through and into the ring and clotheslines Barnes off his feet. He turns around as Barnes bounces up onto his feet. Kick to the guts—IMPLANT DDT!

JM: Contos is charging in at Riktor from behind.

BB: Voss makes the save with a HI-YUGE spinning palm thrust to the forehead of Luke Contos! He pulls Contos to his feet, folds him up in a package and hoists him into the air. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! vDRIVER II!

JM: CONTOS LOOKS DEAD! And may God have mercy on his gonorrhea-ridden soul.

BB: Riktor has Barnes. Double underhook. Lifts him. Spins. RIKTOR SCALE! RIGHT ON TOP OF LUKE CONTOS! OH MY GOD! Riktor and Voss each put a foot on top of the body pile and the referee makes the count! ONE! TWO! THREE! It’s academic.

JM: The North Carolina Bear Project has advanced in this contest. They advance through to the next round and ONE step closer to the belts, Bill.

BB: Scott Riktor and Justin Voss standing eye-to-eye in the ring. These men have joined forces to win the belts and cash them in for a UNIFIED title shot. Look at the tension between the two. They’re having words as they stand there.

JM: Are they arguing?

BB: I think they’re actually spurring one another on. VOSS GRABS RIKTOR BY THE WRIST!

JM: This can’t be good.

BB: And RAISES IT in victory. The North Carolina Bear Project have sent a message to the rest of the tournament. The Aerial Express don’t look like they’re even moving. Voss is making belt gestures to the back and pointing between himself and Riktor.

JM: They were impressive, Bill. They were really impressive. This is their second match together and they worked like a well-oiled machine.

BB: The number one seeds in the tournament have advanced forward ANOTHER closer to the championships. Where will they go from here?

JM: Was that a segue, or just a dumb question.  They go to PRIMETIME, to watch their competition battle it out. 

BB: Wrestling’s “A show” is back on the air in just two weeks with four teams who are brand new to the CSWA. The first round of the Unified Tag Team tournament continues as Dirk Dickwood Presents takes on Tyler and Logan Rose.  Former EPW standout team Blitz tries to prove that tag team excellence can overcome a team of singles wrestlers as Pat Gordon, Jr. and Jesse Ramey look to the tag titles as their express pass to the UNIFIED World Championship.

JM: And we’ve already seen that the UNIFIED Champ will be at PRIMETIME, and Dan Ryan has penciled in a meeting with Blaine Hollywood on his calendar.

BB: For Joey Melton, Rudy Seitzer, John Simons and the rest of the crew here, I’m Bill Buckley and we’re happy to be back!  Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you at Philips Arena for CSWA PRIMETIME in Atlanta!



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