17 Mar 2013

McKenzie Arena, Chattanooga, Tennessee (seats 11,218)

Trouble in Paradise

CSWA owner Hornet is in his office inside the Merritt Auditorium.  His desk is covered in paper that he continues to shuffle as he speaks to someone on the speakerphone.

HORNET:  I’m sorry, Bobby, I just don’t have anything for you right now.  I’m focused on getting some of the vets re-established and some new talent highlighted.  I know you had a run here under Merritt, but it’s just not going to work out right now.  But touch base in a few months and we’ll see what we can do, alright?  I’ve got another call coming through, but I’ll talk to you soon…

He presses a button on the phone.


IVY:  You rang?  Or texted, at least.

HORNET:  Are you and Shannon okay?

IVY:  Of course.  Why do you ask?

HORNET:  Is Trip in the hospital?

IVY:  No.  Paul… what’s going on?

HORNET:  What’s going on is that I just got done with a series of calls telling guys I can’t use them anymore.  And I had to do that because Trip decided to bail on SHOWTIME… to pull out of a shot at the UNIFIED Title…

IVY:  Listen… he had a family emerg…

HORNET:  And I had to hear about it from his AGENT!  Not from him, not from you, but from that…

IVY:  I just told you, it was an emergency. There was no way…

HORNET:  As awful as it sounds right now, Ivy, I just don’t care.  Richmond was a disaster, and I just got a call from Teri that changing the SHOWTIME date is costing almost $100,000.  Plus I’m having to give away a PPV main event.  And I’m told that Trip hasn’t cancelled any other dates. 

IVY:  I’m not going to argue with you about it over the phone.  Sean had an…

HORNET:  I get it.  We can talk about it later.  But tell Trip that next time he wants to talk, he can call me, not his agent.  I’ll see you later.

Hornet hits a button and disconnects the call.  Even after living through twenty years of the original “ownership battles” and takeovers with Cornette and then Thomas… the GXW “invasion”… the “Hacker’s” machination and Benson’s eventual takeover.  After all that, it should be easy, right?

Heavy is the head…

Anything JJ can do...


(CUTTO: The front steps of McKenzie Arena. Hoards of fans are gathered in a tight circle, and the excitement in the air is palpable. In the midst of the adoring crown stands JJ DEVILLE with a disbelieving smile signing autographs to anyone who asks. Shirts, posters, bobble heads and even a few barely legal breasts. If it’s presented, Deville is giving his John Hancock.)

(CUTTO: Bill Parsons standing just outside the love fest.)

BILL PARSONS: John this is the scene outside of McKenzie Arena. JJ Deville making his way into the arena, not by limo or a police escort, but through the front gates WITH the fans and he’s making every effort to reach out to everyone. This is a DEVILLE with his guard down. I haven’t seen one of the boys be this open with the fans since Melton went on spring break in ’96.

JOHN SIMONS V/O: Yeah, Bill. I don’t think we need to hear that story.

JJ: (reaching for a program a fan offers) How you doin’ kid?

(CUTTO:  Eric Beachy casually walking up to the scene and snatching programs from people’s hands.)

EB: Let me correct that. Boom! Next.. (Beachy grabs another Deville signed paper and forges his signature over JJ’s.)

(A murmur breaks out as more and more people realize what Beachy is doing. Who the hell is this kid?)

BP: I believe that’s POINT OF VIEW’s own Eric Beachy. I can’t believe this.

EB: Who’s next? Don’t be fooled. Get the signature of someone who’s authentic. The real thing right here, not an asshole trying on a new coat.

JJ: (finally realizing what’s happening) What’s your deal, man?

EB: Excuse me Mr. Deville, lots more signatures to correct. Who’s next?

(JJ shakes his head then grabs Beachy by the arm and spins him around. Eric slaps his hand away and the two come nose-to-nose.)

BP: (stepping in between) Not here guys! Not here! We’ve got kids here. Beachy let’s take a hike, shall we?

EB: That’s right Bill, we’ve got kids here and they need to know the truth. All of you need to know the truth. That JJ Deville isn’t Santa. He’s not here to bring you gifts and fruit stuffed stockings. We’re not going to pretend we’re all friends and bite into an orange. You don’t spend the last few years slaughtering reindeer on television sets across America then walk back to the North Pole and expect the elves to fetch you candy canes and that good virgin North Pole *****.

BP: Good grief.

EB: JJ Deville is the Devil In Disguise. Maybe you think these people are too dumb to realize it, or maybe because you started here you get a mulligan for being an asshole, but Jason and I we entered this business to bring the TRUTH. It’s time this profession got real.  So yes Bill I’m here to stop these people from coming home tonight with a lie. The image of JJ being one of them is enough to make me SICK!

(JJ stares at Beachy for a second before nodding his head up and down.)

JJ: Look, maaaaan. I don’t know what you’re talking about because you’re speaking in some code. But I THINK you’re talking about what I’ve done in that OTHER promotion? Well, like I said – I’m keeping the business I do there down there. And, yeah, I’ve done some BAD things down there but I’ve done them because I know in my heart that place deserves to burn to the ground. But the CSWA? (JJ turns to the crowd fired up, albeit a bit ironically.) THE CSWA??? (The crowd goes nuts!) This is MY HOME. This is MY HOUSE. I grew up a 10 minute walk from this sacred land. And I was out here waiting for autographs just like this kid here. I had a dream of one day being on THIS side of the barricade. And you know what? I sacrificed everything I had to do just that. When I was holed up watching wrestling tapes and practicing moves on my Hornet Wrestling Dummy, the other kids were out going to the movies and to the prom. I grew my hair out long and wore Daisy Dukes because I thought that was THE look of wrestlers – only to find out a little bit too late that – heh – I looked like a total geek. But you know what? I’m FINE with that. Because you know why? A lot of these fans out here are geeks. (JJ looks like he made a mistake.) No, I don’t mean it like that. I mean it as a GOOD thing! You see, there are only a few cool kids in this world but there are a whole lot of people like me who never fit in and got laughed at and made fun of. I’m one of those kids and I MADE IT. And all these people on the OTHER side of the barrier – you can make it too! You want to be a comic book writer? You can do that. You want to be a movie starlet? YOU can do that too! These…. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE. This… THIS IS THE J J CREW! (JJ turns around, fired up.) COME ON! LET ME HERE YOU! J! J! J! J! (The crowd starts enthusiastically chanting just that.) So, Eric Beachy… IF… (JJ turns to the crowd who start to chant along.) IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME! You want to talk all big and come out here and start trouble? Well, why don’t we do it tonight RIGHT HERE IN CHATTANOOGA!

(The crowd erupts. JJ turns to the crowd. When he turns back, Beachy SLAPS him across the face and then slyly backpedals and points at JJ, smirking.)

EB: You got that, JJ, you idiot.

(JJ holds his face and then turns back and signs more autographs.)


Welcome To VERSUS!


(CUEUP: A cut down version of the CSWA's intro to BLUE MOON plays as the original CSWA logo slowly fades in. As the monologue continues, the CSWA's logo changes from era to era, finally reaching the new red star logo.)

(V/O) And what was once ordinary... becomes legendary.

To those of you just joining us, welcome.

To those of you who have been waiting for our return, welcome back.

To all of you, welcome home.

THIS is the CSWA.

(CUEUP: "Home" by Philip Phillips. A lone guitar kicks in.)

Hold on to me as we go

As we roll down this unfamiliar road

And although this wave is stringin' us along

Just know you're not alone

'Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

(CUTTO:  Dan Ryan hits a Humility Bomb and collapses onto Troy Windham as the referee starts a count in their match at BLUE MOON.)

(CUTTO:  Troy Windham and Dan Ryan embracing in the center of the ring after their war, the UNIFIED Title over Ryan's shoulder.)

(CUTTO:  "Triple X" Sean Stevens standing on the turnbuckle celebrating with the Greensboro crowd after his win over Hornet.)

(CUTTO:  Scott Riktor ripping off a bear suit in the corner, while Justin Voss stands on the apron jumping up and down in a bear suit.)

Settle down it'll all be clear

Don't pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear

Trouble it might drag you down

If you get lost you can always be found

Just know you're not alone

Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

(CUTTO:  An overhead shot of the Greensboro crowd ERUPTING as the referee counts three and Troy Windham's foot hits the ropes too late.)

(CUTTO:  Individual and group shots of the fans inside the arena. And then there's PYRO!)  


(CUTTO: A sold out McKenzie Arena in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The camera opens in a wide panning shot of the crowd! Fans are all mugging for the camera. We see a kid hold up a sign that reads, “President Poop For Change.”)

JOHN SIMONS V/O: We are live! From Chattanooga for C-S-W-A VERSUS!

(CUTTO: A close range shot of some fans in the front row crawling over themselves to be seen.)

(CUTTO: The broadcast both were a dapper John Simons sits beside an overdone Manual Juarez. It’s a smaller spotlight than what his momma promised him years ago, but Manny nudges John slightly from frame to take a more center shot.)

MJ: This is my kind of town Juan. A college town. Where beer flows freely and panty raid still happens!

JS: If you’re involved with a panty raid, I hope the police were called.

MJ: Juan, when we’re visitors in town we must blend with native culture. Do as the Romaine’s do!

JS: Romans Manny, do as the Romans do.

MJ: Yes, yes Juan let’s persecute millions of God fearing people in this country. Let’s throw them in with lions for sport. Dear heavens man, have you no shame. These people here shoot things for sport. What do you think happens to me or you if we step out of line?

JS: We’ve got a great show for you tonight! JJ Deville in action! Shawn Jessica Hart returns to the CSWA! And you just saw Eric Beachy challenge JJ Deville out on the front steps of this arena!  And we've got much more!

MJ: Really? Much more? Hour show Juan don’t lie to public. That is about it.

JS: At any rate it’s dare I say great to be here with you Manny, just promise this week the entire broadcast is done in one language.

MJ: Manny promise nothing.

JS: That’s what I was afraid of.

Down But Not Out


(CUE UP: “All Nightmare Long” by Metallica. The Chattanooga fans all come to their feet to cheer for the newest tandem in CSWA. Pat Gordon, Jr. and Jesse Ramey emerge from the backstage area and walk toward the ring, giving some Ninja K style high-fives to a few lucky fans. The two men step inside of the ring, and each one grabs hold of a microphone. The Boston Bruiser lowers his head, solemnly.)

PGJR: Jesse, I owe you an apology. I dropped the ball in our match against Team VIAGRA, and now we’re out of the UNIFIED World Tag Team Title tournament. I let you down. I let the team down... I’m sorry, partner.

(Ramey already has a microphone in his hand by this point.)

Ramey: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It comes with this business, Pat. I can’t lay off all of that blame on you, we’re a new team. We couldn’t expect to win them all, despite how badly we wanted to. We’ve hit sort a rough patch here, but it’s not your fault.

(Ramey finishes and pats Gordon on the shoulder.)

PGJR: You’re right, Jesse. And I guess what’s important now, what’s on everyone’s minds here in the McKenzie Arena, is what’s next for the Ring Nightmares? Well what IS next, Jesse? We’re gonna push on and turn this ship around, right?

(Pat, being from Boston, loves to mention ships.)

Ramey: You just had to get that cheap plug in there, didn’t you? (Ramey chuckles and turns to the crowd, and looks like he is trying to whisper.) You just can’t teach the kids these days, cheap plugs are so early two thousand.

(The crowd laughs along with Ramey’s rib.)

Ramey: We’ve got to do something, Pat. Stuff is going to happen though, and we’re on a two match losing streak. Albeit those are two losses to teams that are considered to be the best in this business. I don’t think that should disqualify us from getting a shot at the tag titles though.

(Ramey clears his throat.)

Ramey: We’re not the only team here that has lost. I know we can’t get a second shot at Team V.I.A.G.R.A, but we can get a second shot at Point of View. Right now, I’m throwing down the open challenge for Versus 5. You got the upper hand on us once Point of View, let’s see if you can do it again.

(Ramey runs his fingers through his beard.)

Ramey: If we can beat you, then I think we stake a claim in the tag division that we didn’t have before. If we can gain a win against Point of View, then who's to say we can’t do the same in a rematch against Team V.I.A.G.R.A? That’s when we throw that piece of doubt into your minds. That’s the point when we change your “view” on the Ring Nightmares.

PGJR: So Point of View, get ready. Because we’re gonna make all of your Ring Nightmares come true!

(CUE UP: “All Nightmare Long” by Metallica. Jesse Ramey and Pat Gordon, Jr. head into a roaring crowd to celebrate with the fans.)


JJ Deville vs. Eric Beachy


JS: Welcome back to VERSUS everyone… it's time for a very special...

(MUSIC CUEUP: “The Funeral” – By Band of Horses.)

(Fans standing…)

JS: Up next we’ve got the return of a CSWA star and…

MJ: This little chit.

JS: Manny…

MJ: You don’t have balls to say it.

RHUBARB JONES: Ladies and gentlemen from Clarksville, Tennessee, 5’10 and 209 lbs. ERIC BEACHY!!

MJ: I like my name better.

JS: I’m sure you do…


(Fans POP hard.)

(CUTTO: JJ Deville stepping in front of CSWAVision which runs through a series of Deville highlights throughout his tenure in the CSWA. Fans pop hard as JJ soaks in the crowd then starts a full out sprint to the ring.)

RHUBARB JONES: His opponent for your MAIN EVENT hails from Greensboro, North Carolina!  At six-feet-five inches and two-hundred-twenty-five pounds, he is JJJJJ JJJJJJ DEVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!

JS: Listen to these fans!

MJ: I’d rather not, Juan.

JS: Deville in the ring and he’s face to face with Beachy! Both men had some words earlier tonight when in my opinion Beachy stuck his nose where it didn’t belong.

MJ: In five years his autograph WILL be worth more. How can Eric be the only one to see that?


JS: You can feel the excitement in the air. Spring break is near, its tournament time, and JJ Deville is back in the company that made him! Back in the CSWA!

MJ: Oh yes Juan, cute story. I’m sure Julia Roberts will play him in the Lifetime Movie.

JS: Here we go! Bronte Lakes and Jason Murray cheer on their partner from the outside! Beachy goes in to lock up with Deville but pulls back out! (Beachy turns from JJ and starts to do the Fargo strut.)

MJ: Seen that move before. Always gets me right here.

(Deville smirks at his opponent then reaches in to lock up.)

JS: Where the hell are you pointing to? Stop, please. Beachy slides away again! And for a second time he’s prancing around the ring!

MJ: Always important to look your best, Juan. A lesson you still not learned.

(Beachy calls Lakes on the apron and asks for a hand mirror. He checks himself out in the mirror and smiles. The smile fades.)

(CUTTO: POV – Mirror – we see JJ charging hard at Beachy.)

JS: Clothesline from behind! (Beachy and Lakes butt heads, Bronte falls off the apron but is luckily caught by Jason Murray.) JJ spins Eric around and starts tearing into him like a hot knife through butter! Deville climbs to the middle rope and pounds Beachy with right hands!








(Beachy wraps up Deville’s legs.)

JS: Beachy carries JJ out of the corner! Atomic drop, no! JJ blocks it! KNIFE EDGE CHOPS!!


MJ: Violence never solves anything. Just ask Richard Gere. Look at what happened to his family after he killed that poor French boy just for tearing into Diane Lane.

(Deville shoots Beachy across the ring…FRANK’N’PARSONS!)

MJ: He’s in jail now when he could have just invited the boy back to his bed and learned to be real man.

JS: Two count from Worthington! And the ending of the movie was ambiguous, Manny! You don’t know if they turned themselves in or not!

(JJ with a side headlock on the mat. The crowd on its feet as JJ tightens the hold!)

MJ: Am big what? Juan, have some decorum please.

JS: Beachy with a handful of hair but Worthington makes him let go! Beachy again with a fist full of locks and again Worthington calls for the break!

MJ: What is this Juan a catfight? Scratching and hairpulling all over some man coming between them. Pity.

(Beachy goes back one more time to the hair but his time Deville clocks him on him the nose.)

JS: Deville scoops Beachy up, TORTURE RACK! NO! Beachy slides over, IMPLANT DDT!

(Beachy stands up quickly and leans over the top rope.)

BEACHY: (to crowd) WHAT? SHUT UP ******.)


JS: Eric Beachy letting these fans have it! (CUTTO: Bronte Lakes ringside dismissing the front row of fans with her hands.) For a rookie he’s got a lot of confidence, maybe too much! Beachy props up Deville and LANDS a crushing forearm uppercut!

(CUTTO: Overhead angle – JJ falling back on the ropes.)

JS: Beachy with a forearm into Deville’s chest! And the Carolina native is in trouble in his CSWA homecoming!

MJ: You can’t go home again, Juan. Just can’t. Trust me. No. Literally. I can’t. ****** b*tch stole house in divorce.

JS: Manny please!

(Beachy works Deville over in the corner, DRIVING a knee into JJ’s mid-section!)

MJ: It’s true Juan!

JS: Beachy whips Deville out of the corner, JJ holds on and reverses! And it’s Beachy slamming hard into the corner! Deville charges! SPINNING MULE KICK! (Beachy spins on a dime!) JJ grabs Eric by the hair and smashes him face first into the top turnbuckle!

MJ: Poor bitchy may need plastic surgeon after match tonight, Juan. Manny knows just the man!

(Thumb to the eye by Beachy who escapes under the bottom rope to the outside to regroup.)

JS: Bitchy? It’s Beachy, Juarez. BEAchy!

(Deville shakes it off and jumps over the top ropes to the outside)

MJ: Sure, Juan?

JS: Yes I’m sure! Deville on the outside chases Beachy! Deville from behind spins Eric around and DECKS him with a right hand!

(CUTTO: Jason Murray running over.)

JS: Murray on the attack! (Jason swings at JJ who ducks, spins Jason around, and ATOMIC DROPS HIM.) Yeah! Deville two on one and taking care of business!

(CUTTO: Murray bouncing in the air and taking out Lakes.)

JS: JJ pumps up the fans and WHIPS Beachy into the SECURITY RAILING! (Beachy bounces off HARD) BACK BODY DROP BY JJ!

MJ: Listen to all these fans cheering for me Juan! Me! Ok Mr. Deville I’m ready for my closeup!

(Beachy clutches his back and screams out.)

JS: BULLDOG!! Listen to this place! (Chants of JJ! JJ! Break out.) Worthington demanding the action gets back in the ring and JJ responds by rolling Beachy under the bottom rope!

(Deville stands on the outside of the apron waiting for Beach to reach his feet.)

JS: Deville SPRINGS to the top rope! DEVILLE OFF THE ROPES – OH!! FRANK’N’PARSONS FROM BEACHY! Manny he caught JJ in mid-air!

MJ: That’s how I caught second wife Juan. Let me explain.

JS: No, please don’t.

(Beachy gets a two count from Worthington.)

MJ: You want to hear this…

JS: No I really don’t. Trust me. Eric hooks the leg and he’s the Figure Four! The backyard sensation who trained at the CS warehouse with the CS Express is showing a bit of a technical side I didn’t think he had.

(Deville rocks over and reverses!)


JS: Worthington asking for a submission but so far none is forthcoming!

(Beachy with great pain reaches for the bottom rope and gets it)

WORTHINGTON: That’s it Deville, break!

JS: Both men up and limping a bit but its Deville who charges and buries a mule kick into Beachy’s gut! JJ hooks the tights, HIGH VERTICAL SUPLEX! LOOK AT HIM HOLD IT THERE! What strength!

MJ: Oh please Juan get a room!

JS: AND DOWN HE COMES! (Beachy again reaches for his back.) JJ backs Beachy into the ropes and sends him across the ring, POWER SLAM! (POP!) Now Deville the former Greensboro champion, the superstar goes to work! Sensing the moment! SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

MJ: This is where I teach my students to look beyond the rules, think over box.

JS: What students? Nevermind.

(Deville climbs to the top rope.)

JS: Deville who prides himself on being able to mimic any opponent in-ring is now set to fly! This is what POV does best, high risk aerial bombs and here we have Deville to the delight of this crowd set to thrill! SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! JJ hit it perfectly Manny!

MJ: Yes, yes, once again, let’s give all accolades to the white man.

JS: There’s no way Beachy’s getting up from that!

(Jason Murray leaps on to the ring apron.)

JS: DEVILLE STANDING DROPKICK!! And Murray takes flight!

(CUTTO: Murray crashing into the security railing.)

JS: JJ quickly back to pin! (CROWD ON ITS FEET.)

(CUTTO: Worthington sliding over for the pen like the pro he is.)

JS: For the win! ONE….




JS: JJ DEVILLE HAS DONE IT! (The entire crowd is on their feet, mostly cheering Deville’s emphatic pin.) Unlike our friend Juarez he CAN come home again!


JS: Deville shows his athletic ability flies off the top rope and buries the rookie Eric Beachy into the mat!

MJ: Yes, yes, Juan, Deville was ready for his close up tonight, but his wrestling is still suspect if you ask me. Eric Beachy to the best in this sport is like the length of my….well…

JS: Don’t!

MJ: It’s a big difference.

(CUTTO: JJ ringside shaking hands with some of the fans the sweat from his forehead pouring off and making flowers grow on some kid’s cheek.)

JS: Fans, when we get back from this commercial break, we'll have an interview with KEVIN WATSON, plus our Main Event!


New Champ Same as the Old Champ?


JS: Before we get to our Main Event, we're going backstage to Rudy Seitzer, who is with former Greensboro Champion, Kevin Watson.

MJ: Wake me up when ‘sis has complete.

(CUTTO: Rudy Seitzer standing amongst a CSWA “Versus” backdrop next to Kevin Watson. Both dressed as if the CSWA had time warped back ten years.)

RUDY SEITZER: Ladies and Gentlemen, I stand here with the former … Greensboro Champion Kevin Watson.


RS: Kevin, you went twenty minutes with Cameron Cruise on PRIMETIME and it ended in a tie and as of right now … we don’t know what that will mean for the title. Do you feel you are still in contention?

KW: Contention? I never lost the title to begin with. I am the only one truly in contention, Rudy.

RS: At this point, we can only assume there may be a rematch between yourself and Cameron Cruise in the near future. Do you feel you can take what you learned from your match at PRIMETIME and make the adjustments to be the victor?

KW: The only mistake I made was timing. Cruise was, literally, saved by the bell and next time he won’t fare so well.

RS: Some analysts have suggested that …

KW: Is that...?

(Kevin Watson exits the frame. Rudy Seitzer side steps attempting to stay in view and lead the camera with Kevin.)

RS: It appears Marcus Johnson has caught Kevin Watson’s attention.

(Rudy lowers his mic momentarily to speak directly with the camera operator.)

RS: Stick with this.

(The frame shifts fasters than Rudy can move and he is lost for a moment. The frame centers of Kevin Watson taking the last few steps needed to confront Marcus Johnson; who appears to have just been passing by. Rudy catches up a few steps behind and attempts to get the mic in between the two as close as he can muster.)

KW: Hey! We have some unfinished business!

MARCUS JOHNSON: Don’t you have other business to address first?

(Johnson motions toward Rudy and seemingly referencing both the interview as well as his upcoming bout.)

KW: Don’t concern yourself with that. Bottom line, TV time saved, just like Cruise.

MJ: I’m aware of the result, Kevin... and I’m certainly not going to say I didn’t have a few kinks to work out of my system. But I think you seriously underestimate how I might have responded, given a little more time.

KW: Reframe it however you need to, Johnson … but you were on your way out. You really think you’re going to lay out for God knows how long and just waltz back in here and get it that easy.

MJ: Look, I’m not looking for trouble tonight. I’m here to watch and learn. Handle your business with Cruise, and if you can hold on to that.

(Johnson slaps the old Greensboro title on Kevin’s shoulder.)

MJ: Then, I’ll be more than happy to do the dance with you again.

KW: Consider it, booked.

(Marcus Johnson slides past Watson and Seitzer and exits the frame. Rudy turns to Watson and pulls the microphone to his face to ask a question. Before he can let out the first word; Kevin pulls the mic back toward himself.)

KW: I’ve got a new belt to add to the collection and a point to prove to both Cruise and Johnson.

(Kevin releases his grip from the mic and exits the frame. Rudy takes a step in and centers himself in the shot.)

RS: Well, folks … there you have it. Whatever it, is. The fate of NEW CSWA Greensboro Champion still up in the air and only time will tell! John … Manny, back to you at ringside.

JS: That raises more question than it answers but one thing's for certain Kevin Watson insists on carrying around that old belt regardless of the fact it has no significance here any longer.

MJ: ‘sover? What’s next? 


Tony Davis vs. Shawn Jessica Hart


JS: What's next, Manny?  The Main Event is next!  This could be quite an interesting match up. Shawn Jessica Hart is a world wide accomplished athlete, winning world championships like it's his job.

MJ: Ain't that all our wrestler's jobs? Win win win baby!

JS: SJH has had more success than others, is a more accurate statement. We haven't seen much of SJH since Blue Moon, but Hart is always dangerous, and his opponent tonight should keep special mind to the pedigree of the Phenom.

MJ:  Tony Davis is not slouch, Juan. Former world champion in his own right, and I have been told that these two have had their fair of backstory in a place that apparently has no branding.

JS: We'll see if that residual resentment boils over into on screen conflict. Let's take it to the ring!

(CUTTO: Tony Davis stands in the middle of the ring. He looks at his watch. Mary-Lynn Mayweather, in her traditional red skirt suit, stands behind him quite annoyed.)

MARY-LYNN: We're early Tony. You didn't even hear your theme music!

TONY DAVIS: Shh! It's gonna play any second!

(An official at ringside bends Tony's ear, explaining something. Davis mouths the words “Oh Shit.” He ducks out of the ring, and walks back up the entrance ramp.)

JS: Did... Did Tony Davis prematurely entranc-ulate?

MJ:  Horrible, Juan. Looks like he's early to the party. And now he's walking back up the ramp, to, what?! Make a re-entrance?

JS: Anything can happen Manny.

(“Phenomena” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs hits the pa system, as gold pyro shoots out up the entrance ramp. Tony Davis stops in his tracks, slightly scared, as Shawn Jessica Hart makes his glorious appearance. SJH frowns on the ramp, as he sees his opponent slowly walking toward him.)

JS: And SJH is as confused as us. RIGHT HAND! RIGHT HAND! We're starting this off with a pre-match brawl!

(Davis backs up to the ring as SJH gives chase. SJH charges, and Davis to the side, as Hart collides with the ring apron. Tony grabs him, slips him underneath the bottom rope and follows suit. DING DING DING!)

MJ: If everyone didn't know any better of him, they'd think this was some sort of master plan of Davis'.

JS: SJH fires back with a couple chops to Davis' chest as he recovers. Backs Davis into the ropes, irish whip, REVERSAL, and a BIG clothesline gets the fans in this place excited! Hart instinctively rolls out underneath the bottom rope.

MJ: He not safe John! Fuera de las cuerdas, buceo TOPE!

(Davis catches SJH with a diving tope through the middle rope, wiping out both men. Davis is first to his feet, irish whip's SJH into the steel steps. Slams his head into the top of the steps. Tries again, but SJH blocks, and sends Davis into the steel post. SJH tosses Davis in under the bottom rope and follows. Double axe handle to the left shoulder of Davis, before locking in an arm bar, putting pressure on Tony's shoulder's with his midsection.)

JS: This may be where Hart wants to keep this. Grounded, on the canvas, focusing on technical wrestling. Although Tony's no slouch in that area himself, earning a collegiate scholarship for wrestling straight out of high school.

(Tony lightly grabs SJH's hair before the official chases him off. Tony uses his right hand to push up, and then rolls onto his back. SJH on top for a cover, gets a one before Tony kicks out. SJH charges, arm drag by Davis and Tony locks in his version of the arm bar. SJH winces in pain. Hart fights to his feet, rolls out of the arm bar, and locks in a hammer lock. Davis reaching for leverage, can't snag a slippery Hart. Davis drops to his knees and forward tumbles Hart over his back. Both men back to their feet, collar and elbow, and Davis with a hammer lock. Hart reaches back, grabs Davis' by the hair and SNAPS him down with a jawbreaker.)

JS: A nice exchange of proficient maneuvers ended by the cheating of Shawn Jessica Hart.

MJ: Hart cheating? Say it ain't so.

(Hart dives on top for a two count. Hart hits an implant DDT followed up by an inverted atomic drop into a discus clothesline. Hart grabs Davis' leg for a figure four, but Davis keeps kicking Hart off with his free one. Hart gets annoyed, grabs both legs and catapults him into the ring post. A punch drunk Davis stumbles out as MLM on the outside yells for him to watch out. Davis turns RIGHT into a superkick.)

JS: Shawn Jessica Hart has just knocked out the Original Degenerate. Two Tone Tony Davis can only hear one tone now, and that's the ringing in his ears.

MJ: But too close de las cuerdas Johnny. Davis grabs the bottom rope and breaks the caer.

(Hart, snapmare into a chin lock. Hart postures as he wrenches the hold in to the jeers of CSWA fans. Hart tilts his head up to the ceiling to look down on the CSWA crowd booing him.)

JS: The CSWA faithful only wanna see chin locks in midget matches.

MJ: I miss the Mini-Estrella's.

(SJH sneers holding in the chin lock.)


(Davis fights to his feet, as SJH keeps the chinlock held in. Davis gets completely to a standing position, SJH hanging off his back. SJH frowns, releases the hold and drops to his feet, catching Davis in a rear waist lock. Davis backs SJH into the corner, squashing him.)

JS: Davis getting back in control, vertical su-NO! DELAYED Vertical suplex by Davis. It's OOOoooh time.

(The CSWA faithful “Oooo” before Davis raises one hand to give them all a thumbs up. Then Davis SLAMS Hart into the mat after a good 9 count.)

MJ: Can we speak?

JS: Davis on top, lateral press. Two count as Hart gets a shoulder up! Davis grabs Hart, SJH fires with a wild right, but Davis ducks, SLEEPER HOLD! LOCKED IN!

(Hart fights, swatting at the air desperately. After a few moments, the hold is locked in and Hart's arms limp to his side. The CSWA faithful “Shhhh,” as Davis presses his index finger over SJH's mouth. Then, Davis SLAMS Hart back first into the mat with a sitout rear mat slam.)

JS: A rare “Oooh,” “Sssh” combination from “Mr. Where Am I?” Tony Davis.

MJ: Man, has many brain scars.

JS: And Davis can only get a two count as Shawn Jessica Hart shows incredible resiliency.

(DAVIS leans down, picking a limp Hart up to his knees. Hart's arms dangle like limp spaghetti. Tony slaps SJH's head once. No reaction from Hart. He laughs in disbelief.)

MJ: Davis, how you say, playing with his food?

(Davis slaps HART again.)

JS: Tony Davis is rarely THIS much in control...

(SJH comes alive, SPRINGING into a ¾ face lock.)

JS: HART ON! HART ON! Out of absolutely NOWHERE! Hart into the cover, he's hooking the tights ref!

MJ: No matter. Davis not moving!

JS: THREE COUNT! And Shawn Jessica Hart steals one by playing possum!

(Hart quickly slides out of the ring and demands the official raise his hand. Inside the ring, Tony Davis stirs awake, grabbing his head as he hears the Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing over the PA. Davis sneers, slamming his fist into the mat. SJH backs up the entrance ramp, soaking in the jeers of his victory.)

JS: Shawn Jessica Hart victorious in this one yes, sorry Tony. We have to recap.


(Tony Davis has made his way to the ring announcers table.)

JS: With VERSUS coming to a close, make sure to tune in to SHOWTIME, where it's Jack Harmen versus his Superfly partner, Nova in a match ONLY the CSWA can bring you.

(Davis sneers. He grabs the television monitor out of the announce desk and tosses it to the ground.)

JS: Tony! Stop! We're the American announce table! Destroy the Spanish table, please!

MJ: No! Those my friends!

(Tony Davis sighs, lowering his shoulders in defeat.)

TONY DAVIS: I had him beat...

JS: I know you did Tony. For Manny Juarez and Tony Davis I guess... and all of CSWA's superstars! Join us for SHOWTIME, Dan Ryan versus Blaine Hollywood! I'm John Simons, g'night!

(Tony leans over, grabbing the other television monitor. He unplugs it carefully.)

TONY DAVIS: I'm taking this. Loser compensation prize.

(FADE OUT as Tony Davis walks away with a television monitor, and JS and MJ can only stare in disbelief.)

MJ(O.S.): Can he do that?

JS (O.S.): I don't even know anymore.


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