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Posted by Ivy McGinnis on 3 Jan 2014

Defiant Wrestling is inferior to the CSWA.



Defiance Wrestling is inferior to the CSWA.


I'm not talking about the wrestling talent. Quite the contrary, Defiance has some athletes I'd love to sign to a CSWA deal.

Cancer Jiles, Christian Light, and Bronson Box are three names that immediately spring to mind, and if I took five minutes to think about it, I could probably name over half the roster that I think have all the tools.

I'm also not talking about their output of work. Their 'Guerilla Grindhouse' tour is lighting up the world over, and while I haven't actually seen any of them, word of mouth is almost universal acclaim. Plus, this is the CSWA we're talking about. Hornet and I intend to fix this, but the words 'CSWA' and 'Output' are still spoken behind barely hidden snickers of derision.

Defiance Wrestling was founded, as I understand it, on being the outlaw promotion that spit in the eye of the establishment and carved their own path, while for the bulk of the CSWA's existence, the CSWA was that establishment.

So if it's not about the company, and it's not about the talent, then where do I get off calling Defiance an inferior company?

It was a throwaway line, really. An afterthough. I made some kind of off - hand comment about how our Unified Champion was slumming it in Defiance Wrestling. Certainly nothing to really cry about.

But it was a slight that Eric Dane wouldn't take lying down. Oh no, nobody talks quasi - dismissively about his baby. Nobody utters a single word that makes Defiance Wrestling out to be anything but the greatest thing since sliced bread.

And Eric Dane decided that the best way to take on the behemoth, the unstoppable machine of the CSWA, barely one show into its resucitation... was to take a plane for what, twelve hours including layovers, to tell us in person how pathetic we are.

All that proves is that Eric Dane has spent a lot more time thinking about the CSWA than we have about him. And considering he did this within a day of his own company's show?

If Defiance Wrestling has a board of directors, they might want to take a look at his commitment to the company and think about a change. I know a few entrepeneuers out of Greensboro who might be interested.

And don't give me any of that malarky about how he's 'protecting his assets' by keeping an eye on Dan Ryan. As if we'd go out of our way to make him look bad just because he's working for another company.

He's a former four time simultaneous World Champion, as I've stated before. That means he was defending the CSWA World Championship at the same time he was defending three other company's World Titles in their promotions, and there was never any conspiracy to screw him based on that. The 'Screw Dan Ryan' train was helmed by Commissioner Thomas and by Troy Windham, both of whom are no longer part of this company.

For that matter, Dan Ryan and I have had a working relationship going back almost ten years, and I'd like to think that we'd be able to address any scheduling or personal matters without having to go public with them.

Was it fair of us to schedule Dan Ryan for a Unified Title defense one day removed from a Defiance match he had already planned in Amsterdam? I don't know. I mean, I know Defiance had their schedule already set in stone and the CSWA owns the building so there wouldn't've been a scheduling conflict for us to move things, but...

Well, why should we?

It's not like you were breaking your back running your own company, Danno - you've left that to the insane. And it's not like we were looking to make your life miserable; we wanted to get back on our feet before the holidays.

On the other hand...

I don't watch Defiance Wrestling. I don't watch any wrestling; there's not enough hours in the day. Do you really think I knew your schedule, Danno?

And we own the building. We own the website. We can broadcast this thing whenever we want. When the lineup was announced there was plenty of time to move things around; it's not like Deacon was needing to clear his schedule. But I'm not psychic. If there's a problem, I want it addressed privately. If you insist on taking things to a public forum, I can do the same.

On the other hand...

You're under contract to the CSWA, which means you've got a lot of freedom to come and go as you please as long as you wrestle your minimum number of dates. I can play the bitch extraordinarily well, Danno, and counterbook all of Defiance's dates against the CSWA's to force you into a contract dispute with one of us.

But I don't want to do that. I don't want to go to war. I want to bring the CSWA back to its former glory and it'll be a lot easier to do that if I'm not undercutting another company.

You remember the CSWA's former glory, right Dan? It eclipses everything Defiance has done. It eclipses Empire Pro, New Frontier, Fans Wrestling, The CWL, the AAWC, and whatever drunken debauchery Joe Campbell was trying to accomplish.

We'll get there. I prefer getting there with you on our team.

But we'll get there either way.

This is Ivy.

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