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The Ivy League Targets DEFIANCE

As the CSWA returned with PRIMETIME, so did UNIFIED Champion Dan Ryan. However, the longest-reigning Unified Champion did so with a man at his side. Eric Dane, owner of DEFIANCE Wrestling, and apparent puppet master of the Champ, made his presence known, not only as the mouthpiece for Ryan, but stepping into the ring to embarrass some of the CSWA's new talent as well.

In the return of "The Ivy League, CSWA co-owner Ivy McGinnis responds to Dane and Ryan. And she does so in her typical manner.


CSWA PRIMETIME: Winter Wonderland

The road to CSWA ANNIVERSARY: Silver Age seemed underway before the company hit roadblocks. It's now back on track with CSWA PRIMETIME: Winter Wonderland hitting the airwaves with a HUGE lineup and some big returns:

  • UNIFIED Champion Dan Ryan vs. Deacon
  • Cameron Cruise vs. Mark Windham
  • Pat Gordon Jr. vs. "Total Elimination" Eli Flair
  • The debut of "The German Gargant" Viktor Reise vs. Bonecrusher
  • A "New Blood" CSWA second-generation match between Lenny Brigsby, Wes Paig, Jr. and Roland Bramble

    Click here to read the event!

    The Return Gets Underway?

    The CSWA has traditionally been run by co-owners, but in a press conference earlier today, Chad Merritt made it clear that neither he nor Stephen Thomas are running the show anymore. Instead...

    Read the press conference here.


    The CSWA returns this season with:

    CSWA PRIMETIME: Winter Wonderland
    December 22 at Merritt Auditorium in Greensboro, NC

    More information coming soon!


    The biggest hour in wrestling returns! Once known for putting on "dream matches" that only the CSWA could provide, SHOWTIME returns with a match between the UNIFIED champion and the man trying to make a name at his expense. Dan Ryan reclaimed the vacant title at BLUE MOON, while on the same night Blaine Hollywood jumped in and attack he and Troy Windham. They finally face off in a non-title match.
    Posted April 5
    VERSUS 03
    CSWA tries to recover after a technically-glitched PRIMETIME by putting on the third edition of VERSUS. JJ Deville returns to the CSWA, Terry Turner takes on Pat Gordon, Jr., and Shawn Jessica Hart returns for the first time since Blue Moon.
    Posted March 17
    CSWA PRIMETIME in Richmond
    Titles are on the line when the new Greensboro Championship makes its debut with former CSWA champions Kevin Watson and Cameron Cruise vying to become the CSWA's Ironman. The semifinals of the Unified Tag Team Tournament will determine the two finalists for the titles and the possible "Express Pass" to the UNIFIED World Championship.
    Posted March 9
    VERSUS 02
    Tag team mania continues with Team VIAGRA, Urban Legends, Ring Nightmares and Point of View all battling it out. Kevin Watson gets a tough tune-up for his upcoming attempt to reclaim the Greensboro Championship he never lost by facing former "Role Model" turned "The Hero" Marcus Johnson.
    Posted February 25
    CSWA PRIMETIME in Atlanta
    PRIMETIME returns to the air and addresses the fallout from BLUE MOON.
    Posted January 31
    VERSUS 01
    The CSWA returns to television with a new card.
    Posted January 21
    The card that crowned a new UNIFIED Champion and brought the CSWA back to life.
    Posted December 31
    The card that closed the CSWA for years!


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